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5 Apps Every College Girl Needs

Image via Patrick Tomasso from Unsplash

Do you ever catch yourself thinking “I’ll just look on my phone for a sec?” And then hours later you’re still doing the same thing? As students, young people, and basically any normal person of this technological day and age, most of us spend massive amounts of time on our phones. I mean, basically our whole lives are on there…at least the social aspect. What if we could make all the time we spend on our phones a little more productive and less meaningless? If you’re like me and hate being structured or want to embrace your organized, type A personality even more, I might just have the answer.

These are the 5 apps every college girl needs: 

Do.List – $3.99

I recommend Do.List for the unorganized AND the people who have their days scheduled down to the minute. This app is perfect for anyone because of the wide range of ways you can work towards being more organized. It gives you the option to plan as the day goes or even a couple weeks in advance. There is an option for today’s to-do list, tomorrow’s, later, and an entire life list…cause we all know life is hard and want to think we have it planned. 

Quizlet Flashcards – Free 

The Quizlet app, (or, lovingly referred to as my life savor) is great for those busy weeks where you’re running from one place to another and need to study on the go. It allows you to make new quizlet sets, edit the old, and study on your phone at any time, from anywhere. It makes studying a lot less stressful and is convenient for studying while grabbing lunch, or waiting for class to start. 

GasBuddy – Free

I think we can all agree we are all tight on funds, if not a little college poor. GasBuddy allows you to locate gas stations and gives you the cheapest one near you. This might sound like it would take time out of your life, but if you have it already showing your location all you have to do is pull up the app and go where it tells you. The saying ” a little goes a long way” is true with this app. It may save you just a little money at a time, but if you keep it up you may find yourself some extra cash for a girl’s night. 

Stylebook – $3.99

I’ve covered apps that are more helpful than fun, but this one is both. For all those times you want to look cute but have no idea what to wear or are simply too lazy to pick an outfit out, this app is perfect. The purpose of this app is to have your outfits planned for you. All you have to do is take pictures of each item in your closet, and you can make different outfits with each piece. Even if you can choose a bomb outfit on the go, chances are you didn’t realize all the outfits you could make with the clothes in your closet. This will get more out of your clothes and definitely more out of your money. 

UNUM – Free

For all those people that love social media, and more importantly love making things look pleasing to the eye this is for you. That pre-post anxiety IS a thing and this is an way to relieve it. UNUM allows you to preplan your instagram by logging in and adding the picture you’re thinking about posting. That way you can see how it flows with the other photos, pre-plan your post, or use it for any other use. You’re about to kill the insta game. 

Hannah Bettag is a Public Relations major at Murray State and a Marketing minor at Murray State University. She is involved in her sorority, along with other orgnaizations. She loves music, fashion, concerts, going on adventures, and is most likely thinking about tacos!
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