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With the 2020 presidential election quickly approaching I think it’s very important that we talk about the severity of this election. Even if you’re not political this is something you should educate yourself on because this election means more than politics. I am going to be sharing facts and my personal opinions on this election and the candidates. I will also be briefly talking about some of the major issues that the two candidates are focusing on in their campaign. 

Here are some of the basic facts. This year’s election day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The two primary candidates running are Joe Biden (Democrat) and President Donald Trump (Republican). Biden is running with Kamala Harris as his vice president and Trump is running with Mike Pence for his vice president. Trump is 74 years old and Biden is 77. Donald Trump was the first president without any political or military experience while Biden has already served as vice president under Obama and earned a law degree from Syracuse. 

While navigating both of the candidates’ websites here’s what I found:

I’m starting off with Trump’s website. On the home page, you can see a button to contribute financially to his campaign, how to vote, his promises, and then Trump merchandise and social media. When viewing his promises you can see many categories and can read more when clicking on each subject. He has 14 categories on his page with his top four being economy and jobs, immigration, foreign policy, and national security and defense. However, the majority of his promises are things that he has already accomplished. I cannot find any goals for what he would accomplish in the next four years of the presidency if he was to win. 

Biden’s website is similar to Trump’s on the home page with the addition of signing up to volunteer for his campaign and articles about things he’s working towards. Biden has 48 categories in the section titled “Joe’s Vision”. These categories range from economy and health care to education and equality. All of his categories are extensively detailed. It would probably take a couple of hours to read through every single one of them. 

Considering both candidates’ campaign process:

This information is from npr.org. Biden has not held any traditional in-person events since the beginning of March, while Trump has had handfuls. Biden has also suspended door-knocking because of the coronavirus, while President Trump’s volunteers knock on 1 million doors a week. The majority of Biden’s campaigning is virtual while the majority of Trump’s campaigning isn’t. 

Response to COVID-19

The two candidates have very different opinions on the Coronavirus. Biden is taking the pandemic very seriously while Trump seems to not be. Trump is not in favor of shutting things down to prevent COVID-19, but Biden is. In the Presidential debate, Trump argued that the shutdown was harming the economy and the mental health of America. Biden agreed but said that the COVID-19 crisis has to be dealt with first. Their stances are also seen in their campaigning processes. 

My Opinion: Who I am Voting For

I am a registered democrat but even if I wasn’t I would still be voting for Biden. I am not a Biden supporter, but I agree with more of Biden’s values than Trump’s. I believe that human rights shouldn’t be political and Biden’s future policies. I am a big believer in climate change and I don’t believe any of Trump’s policies or beliefs will do any good for our future. I don’t agree with the violence and cruelness of his supporters. Listening to the way that Trump treats other people also upsets me greatly. I have also seen the President’s ties to white supremacists and Nazi’s. He has disregarded so many lives and has broken laws. Many people argue that Biden is a sexual predator, which I will not argue with. I will say that President Trump does have allegations against him for sexual misconduct with minors. One analogy I saw is that voting for Trump is a shot in the heart and a vote for Biden is a shot in the leg.  All in all, I don’t support the beliefs and ideals of President Trump and I will be voting for Joe Biden on November 3rd. Leg 2020

Hannah Kamman

Murray State '22

Hannah Kamman is an elementary education major at Murray State University. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, spending time outside and cuddling with her cat. She is a dance teacher and a tree hugger.
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