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For so long I refused to watch The Office. I thought it wasn’t funny and over-hyped, but I finally broke down and did it. I am not going to lie, the first season I struggled a little. It was pretty dry, but I powered through. After that, it only got better. The Office is now in my top favorite shows. It is hilarious, emotional, easy to binge-watch and all-around an amazing show.

Here are my 15 reasons that will hopefully convince you to watch the amazing show that is The Office.

  1. Michael Scarn. This episode is the best. Billie Eilish references the episode in her song My Strange Addiction. I didn’t understand the references until I saw the episode and I appreciate the song so much more now.

  2. Dwight Schrute will teach you all the rules of survival. Dwight is The Office’s “fascist nerd” as stated in the commentary for season three. Dwight is known for always taking things to the extreme, for example, to prepare his coworkers for fire safety he lights an office trash can on fire. You also learn quite about farming form Dwight.
  3. Boom Roasted. Season 5, Episode 15. That’s all.
  4. Dwight and Jim’s relationship. You really see the relationship between Dwight and Jim take so many turns. The pranks kill me every time and the times where they are wholesome toward each other makes my heart happy.
  5. All the ladies Michael pulls. Donna. Helene. Carol. Jan. Holly. He just wants to find love.

  6. Nobody doesn’t care like Stanley Hudson. Stanley doesn’t put up with anything. He’s not scared to speak his mind or even nap on the job.

  7. The accounting department. Angela, Oscar, and Kevin. They aren’t only the numbers people of the office, but in the late seasons, the relationship between Angela and Oscar really takes a turn. The famous episode of Kevin and his chili is so funny.

  8. The camera crew. We wouldn’t have the office without them. They really get people to spill all of the tea in the office.

  9. WUPHF! Ever needed a ridiculously thorough notification system? WUPHF! It’ll send you a fax, a text, a phone call, a Facebook message and Twitter notification all at once. Michael is 100% supportive of this off the wall idea Ryan had; even though it was actually Kelly’s.

  10. The party planning committee. Angela, Phyllis, and Pam, along with a few less permanent members make up the party planning committee. If you know anything about Angela, you know that she runs the committee and takes everything extremely seriously. Birthday parties and drunken Christmas parties are their specialty.

  11. Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica. There are too many funny things about Dwight to only include him in this list once. This is a very popular quoted scene from the office where Jim impersonates Dwight. I won’t spoil this for you, just go watch it.

  12. Nard Dog. Did someone say temper tantrum? As a college student who has no handle on my life, I relate to Andy. You really see Andy’s character develop throughout the show. You seem him at his all-time highs and lows. 

  13. Robert California. I was hurt when Michael Scott left and tbh I didn’t have much hope for the show after that, but I was wrong. Robert California made me laugh more than expected. “They really haven’t improved on the Oreo have they?”

  14. Pam and Jim. I rooted for them since the beginning. Always team Jam. They are perfect together and even the issues they face make them an even better couple. You can learn a lot from their relationship. 

  15. Wholesome Office. A lot of The Office is a lot of madness and comedy, but there are moments of wholesomeness. It is heartwarming and really just puts a smile on your face.

Now you know my reasons as to why you should watch The Office, so what are you waiting for? You need to finish it before it leaves Netflix in 2020.

Sarah Burden

Murray State '20

Sarah Burden is a senior at Murray State University. She is a PR major and minoring in Journalism. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha and loves her ladybugs. In her free time she enjoys experimenting with makeup, drinking coffee, posting on social media and spending time with her bird. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @sarahburden__