You’ve Changed?

“You’ve changed.” “Aren’t we all supposed to? As cliché as it might sound, we’re all trying to become better versions of ourselves everyday while trying to accept what we presently are. It’s a process of change and change is perhaps the only constant in this ever changing world. When I mention change and specifically metamorphosis, the first thought that probably strikes your mind is the biological process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, isn’t it? But if you dig deeper or perhaps wilfully choose to look over through a different perspective, you’ll realise that it isn’t something restricted to insects and biology textbooks, it’s a process we all undergo. In fact, growth is a lifetime process. You can’t be pessimistic one night and wake up as a young, confident person the next morning. It takes time for us to undergo the metamorphosis, sometimes even identifying that we need one or are undergoing one becomes tough. But the question that arises is do we really need it? Is it essential to one’s core development?

Consider this: all of us knew that one day we had to walk out of a place we called home only to go to a college of our dreams which tested us not only as academic scholars but as individual personalities who need to now outperform themselves. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I think we’re all proud that we dared to take it up. It was a leap of faith, which at that time seemed like jumping into a valley of hardships, only to get buried at the foothills and succumb under the pressure. But they rightly say, when god puts pressure on you, it’s just an opportunity to bring out the best in you. It’s similar to how they change the most mesmerisingly scented roses into mystical perfumes, and the finest of grapes into the most expensive wines. It’s an intricate and miraculous process of metamorphosis which obviously is no cake walk but inevitably life changing. It might sound tragic to one at prima facie but is magic in disguise. But beware that the magic only works when you let it do its work. Resistance to your metamorphosis might give your obstinate ego a fuel but will also keep you trapped my caterpillars, so beware!