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365 days. It is a cycle of 365 days that we cherish and celebrate without fail. Every 31st December we find ourselves with lists in our hands (paper? maybe, but more like Notes app lists, but you get what I mean.)These dreaded lists are more often than not about certain resolutions we commit to ourselves. If only life was this simple. Every year, we find ourselves resolving to something, and in less than a month, end up breaking those very resolutions. Cue the immense feelings of failure and despair over a broken self-promise.

But why do we often tend to break these commitments when at the start of the year we seem hell bent on seeing them through? Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of self-control. Or maybe, it’s because of the fact that most of these resolutions tend to come from a position of competitiveness and peer-pressure, instead of internal motivation.

We are social creatures to the core. The way our circles behave influence us in more ways than we realize. So, it is understandable for us to subconsciously feign interest over certain things to improve our social acceptability status. What we don’t realise is that the toll this takes on our psyche is of a substantial amount. Thus, it becomes imperative that the promises we make at the advent of a new year ensure that we stay true to our own selves. Our resolutions should cater to self-development: that too, crafted by ourselves in our own interests.

So, make resolutions if you want too. Make a hundred resolutions if they help you become a better person. But stay true to yourself, because that’s what matters the most. Happy new year!

Vrinda Kohli is an eighteen years old Computer Science Engineering student at Manipal University Jaipur. She likes to binge read in her scarce spare time.
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