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12 Years A Slave: Directed by Steve McQueen (2013)

A beautiful tearjerker representing the brutal truth, 12 years A Slave is an apt representation of the inhuman and ruthless slavery which used to be practiced in America. This movie portrays the cruelty and the lack of humanity with which the black slaves used to be treated, their struggle for freedom;to literally survive in those conditions.

It’s based on a memoir by Solomon Northup where he has written about his story and the atrocious conditions he had to endure during the time he was sold off as a slave. The movie starts off showing Solomon Northup as a free violinist, living contently with his family in New York. It’s not long before two conman lure him into their trap by offering him a job and kidnap him. He is then auctioned and sold off in the slave market along with many others and from there, his long excruciating struggle of 12 years for freedom begins, until he encounters a carpenter who might offer him a ray of hope. The whole movie depicts the tyranny, the punishments and the treatment of the whites with respect to slaves in a manner which makes you feel a thousand emotions at the same time.

Stellar direction, an amazing starcast and scenic locations have succeeded in making this drama movie a big hit along with the deep message it puts across. A must watch, 12 Years A Slave is a film which will leave you thinking about it for sure.

Moonlight: Directed by Barry Jenkins (2016)

Being the first LGBTQ film with an all black-cast, Moonlight has to be one of the best coming-of-age drama films of the 21st century. With the direction, the music , the acting , this film has a different level of intimacy and artistry and keeps you hooked on every scene.

The story of the protagonist, a boy named Chiron is shown as three parts of his life; childhood, adolescence, and then adulthood. During childhood, he grows up with an abusive parent in a disturbing environment till he meets a drug dealer Juan, who helps him in getting a sense of what life is actually about and how he can control it. When he reaches adolescence, he is bullied and teased while figuring out his sexual identity. Enter his childhood friend Kevin who he gains feelings for. But it does not end well, and Chiron lands up in jail. The adult portion of his life focuses on his closure, his learnings and his reconciliations.

This drama shows the struggle of finding your place in the society, for beating the odds and for coming to terms with your circumstances. A beautiful masterpiece, Moonlight is a definite eye-opener.

Black Panther: Directed by Ryan Coogler (2018)

A film amalgamating African culture, superheroes, and the high-tech country of Wakanda; get ready for goosebumps. Black Panther is the first Marvel movie with a black director and predominantly black cast, and it does not disappoint. With its thrilling music, action sequences,  intriguing storyline along with breathtaking locations, this movie should definitely be on your watch list.

Black Panther is set in Wakanda, a nation that is cut-off and hidden from the world. It’s home to Prince T’Challa(Black Panther) , who recently takes over the position of the ruler. When an important Wakandan artifact is stolen, T’Challa along with his trusted company goes to Korea to receive it where complications arise and they have to return, along with an injured American . Things take a twist when KillMonger appears in Wakanda and declares to want to distribute their unique technology to the world and take over the kingdom himself.

This film transports you to a different world and has the perfect amount of action and emotion, with some of the best characters that I have seen.

Marvel fan or not, this movie is a treat for everyone.

Wakanda Forever!

When They See Us: Crime series (2019)

When They See Us is a crime drama miniseries based on a true story that took place in Central Park in 1989. It revolves around the wrongful conviction of five black males, who are accused, pressurized and charged for the rape of a white female jogger. The lives of the affected, the accused themselves, and their fight for their rights is shown in a manner that leaves you angry and moved.

This show has phenomenally shown the injustice and the discrimination faced by black people. The actors have done complete justice to their roles, depicting the fear, the agony, the pain, and the strength to fight back again. Hands down a remarkable piece of work, When They See Us is a gripping series with an extremely strong message.

Black-ish: Sitcom(2014)

Get ready to laugh, cry and learn while watching this sitcom. Black-ish has got to be one of the most realistic and entertaining shows out there, narrating the life of a father who prepares his four children to get ready for the outside life.In this process, he tries not to get them too influenced by the affluent community they live in.  Throughout seasons, it progresses covering a lot of issues such as racism, divorces, politics etc.

This show helps you to realize what actually matters in life and the beauty of staying grounded to your roots. It’s chaotic, hilarious and warm with colorful characters who make you feel like family.

It’s a perfect lighthearted comedy tv show, something you can always watch with your family and friends.

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