Fitness : Yay or Nah?


This entire concept comes with so many pros and cons. So much social pressure, an image to fit into.

I am here to tell you that fitness is so much more than that, so much more than being a certain body type.

I will not be here ranting about how one should love their body because that normalizes a thinking which is unhealthy.

Let me elaborate, but first, I am not a fitness expert who knows what I am talking about. Nonetheless, I am a realist, who knows that encouraging a certain weight under the notion of body positivity can lead to so many problems in regard to one’s health.

One should be aware and be willing to go to the extra length to see if their daily habits and lifestyle are healthy and will it favour them in the long run.

Obesity should not be sheltered under body positivity. The numerous health issues and suffering can be dealt with if one is aware.

This does not mean we slander every second person, we are here to build a safe place to talk about it, to empower the ones around us.

I do not invalidate the concept of body positivity it has taught me to love my stretch marks, my broad shoulders and a nose I have grown up cursing my Dad for.

Fitness on the other hand should be inculcated as a part of the lifestyle because it does not only end with you feeling good after a workout, a run, a class.

It helps your body with its endurance, its cardiovascular health, the process of oxygen and nutrients reaching those tissues.

Find whatever it is that you like, maybe it is a jog, dance, yoga.

Whatever it is, but stick to it, not only for your overall health but it helps someone get into a routine. It pumps you with adrenaline so that you are ready to take on whatever there is to come during the day.

In the end, just like to say, listen to your body, no amount of gurus or experts will help you feel accomplished and good other than yourself.

Document your progress, mark yourself with how flexible are you, or how many reps you did in the gym today.

Yet if you don’t feel up for it, it’s all good. Take a break and we can try again tomorrow. 

No one is judging anyone here!

So go ahead and you do you!