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Condition Of Women In Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MUJ chapter.

By Swati Joshi

During the 1990s, the Taliban wiped out female advancement. They enforced Sharia law that prevented women from going to school, work, or even being able to enter healthcare.

During the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, women were not allowed to work, be in contact with other men, and wear a burqa.

If a woman violated the rules, she could get punished by the Taliban, which includes torture or even death. During the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, women were often subject to cruel punishment.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan and they had strict rules that were considered cruel and unusual by Muslims. They considered women as property of the devil.

In 1977, women made up 15% of Afghanistan’s parliament. In the 1990s, women made up 70% of teachers, 48% of government workers, and 60% of doctors in Kabul.

Between 1996 and 2001, thousands of girls and women in Afghanistan were banned from studying, working, leaving the house without a male chaperone, showing skin in public, healthcare, speaking in public, and so on.

The punishment for violating these rules was severe, and it was done by a Taliban officer or fighter on the streets. Punishment for women was also severe, with women being flogged on the spot if they were seen in public. If a woman was accused of rape, she could also be stoned.

The Taliban has once again conquered Afghanistan on 16th August, and the condition of women has been dreadful. They say that women will enjoy their rights again under Sharia law. This means,

  1. Women cannot go out without being accompanied by a male chaperone.
  2. Women are on house arrest which means they cannot hang out with other people outside the home.
  3. Women cannot meet talk to men who aren’t family.
  4. Women can get an education but not in regular classes with men.
  5. Women were prohibited to use makeup or nail paints previously.
  6. Playing music is illegal.
  7. Women MUST wear a burqa.
  8. Women cannot sit in their balconies.
  9. Filming or displaying women in newspapers, etc was prohibited.
  10. Women should speak in an almost inaudible tone. They should not be loud.

Women’s rights in Afghanistan are being violated and this is a humanitarian crisis. Creating awareness is extremely important. The world cannot stay silent.

I am a psychology student as well as a freelance content/copy writer.