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Phill knight’s creation of the “swoosh” was the epitome of greatness. He blessed the world with “checks” that massacred the entire market and flooded the stores. Phill started a revolution. After a long back-breaking struggle, he triumphed. He made history with his niche creation that is now seen shelved in every store. People are a part of his revolution, and someof them don’t even know. It’s something so magical that you might be owning a pair currently or well you might be even wearing it right now while reading this. The swoosh represents a lot more than you think. It symbolizes greatness and tells you to go and pursue your passion. It tells you to believe in yourself. Three simple words, yet so uplifting that they have the power to change your life. Imagine wearing an insurgent and bold creation on your feet and carrying it with you everywhere you go. With that concept itself, Phill made history. The “checks” have been a major part of the brief history of a culture that developed over the years. Every kid on the block wants to be a part of the revolution he created, including myself.

There’s no denying the fact that “stripes” has made a lot of right moves since the time it made its entry into the game. But the lack of patience and the conflict in their ideas can be seen through their pieces. A lot may disagree but this is a brief knowledge and insight into my opinion about the two rival brands. Consistency is key. But for stripes, it’s always been a success through quick moves. This is not bad, rather street smart but the history of “checks” overpowers that of “stripes”. There’s a constant battle between the checks and the stripes; it’s like a gladiator match. Either you kill or get killed. Uplifting the society and changing lives, that’s where the checks triumph over the stripes. What actually matters is trusting the process and that’s exactly what Phill embarked upon in all his products. The story till now has beenmomentous, from MJ to LBJ the journey continues and I see it going up a long memory lane of celebration and success bringing happiness into people’s lives and their homes.

In conclusion, let’s appreciate a few words written by “Aubrey Drake Graham”, for his dear friend “Jacques Bermon Webster II” featured in the song Sicko Mode, “Jesus Christ (yeah), checks over stripes (yeah)”...........

*Shoutout to my heroes, Phil knight and Tinker Hatfield.* 

*For readers reference:

“Checks” refers to Nike

“Stripes” refers to Adidas

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