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Celebrating the ‘WOMANCE’ In Our Lives

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MUJ chapter.

Female-female friendships are believed to be magical in their own ways. They hold a very special and rooted place in our hearts. Remember that primary-school BFF of yours who used to give you company at lunchtime when nobody else chose to? That sixth standard best friend of yours who turned out to be your savior when you got your first period? That high school bestie to whom you shared about your crush first? That home girl of yours who helped you convince your parents for your first night out in your very first year of college? That favorite female colleague cum sister who saved you from getting caught by your manager in the shopping mall when you had taken sick leave from the office that day? I’m sure you all must have experienced such instances in your life when your girlfriends had got your back and you had immense gratitude in your heart for their mere existence in your lives.

A wise woman once said,

‘If you’ve got your girls by your side, you have everything and more to conquer the world.’


Well, our girlfriends have left no stone unturned to prove this statement right over time.

Be it last-minute styling on our big days or being our post-break-up therapists.

Be it building our confidence now and then or standing at our doorstep with our favorite ice cream to cheer us up after a bad day.

Be it them actively participating in our midnight gossip sessions or randomly complimenting us to make our day better.

Be it them believing in us when the world thought otherwise or just giving us a tight hug sometimes to usher out all our insecurities.

Our girls have got it all covered.

There is a popular taboo about female-female friendships that girls secretly hate each other, hold grudges about minor inconveniences, and would never wish growth for another woman out of jealousy and are portrayed as toxic or superficial due to several other selfish reasons, but people need to stop being so critical of them and weighing every girl-to-girl friendship on the same scale.

Not all female friendships are meant for the sake of self-centered intentions and not every girl hates another girl to the core. That fierce kind of lady friendships do exist, where girls aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world. When no matter what happens, they’ll stick beside each other, comfort each other in the most vulnerable times, and are ready to cross oceans just to bring a smile to their girl’s face.

Our girls would be the first to pick us up before we fall. They never let us feel left out in a room full of unknowns. They understand us in ways no man ever could. Our girlfriends have made us believe that this sisterhood we’ve got to cherish is no less than a boon in this cunning world. Our female friends have time and again unknowingly healed a part of our hearts by simply just existing.

Here’s me concluding with a song by Demi Lovato, “MY GIRLFRIENDS ARE MY BOYFRIEND” that rightly elaborates on the idea that girls will stick around you always and forever.

Keep cherishing the women in your lives!!

Kashish Adwani is the editor at her campus at Muj chapter. She loves penning down thoughts and opinions about life, society, human psychology, dreams, food, and book reviews. beyond her campus, she loves writing poetry, and prose and has published a couple of fan-fictions too on some of the popular web-novel platforms. currently, she is working on her first book. On the academic front, she is pursuing a bachelor's degree of B.tech in information technology from MUJ. She is a budding Android app developer who is also a data analytics and design enthusiast. She is a bibliophile, and an ambivert who loves socializing and talking with fellows about literally anything, but also cherishes the peace and content that she gets by sitting in silence all by herself. She believes your words hold the potential of becoming a weapon and bringing a smile to your audience's faces all at once, the only condition is if you know how to choose them wisely or not.