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One of the scariest things that happen in the first part of a relationship is meeting a significant other’s parents. This event is usually quite nerve-wracking-most people want to make a good first impression. Here are some pro tips and tricks when it comes to your first introductions

Dress appropriately.

Make sure that you are dressed for the occasion! If you are going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, do not throw on a baggy sweatshirt. How you present yourself is usually the first thing people tend to notice. Communicate with your significant other about how conservative their parents are. They may want modest dress, and in this case, too much skin may feel uncomfortable to them. Imagine looking at yourself through their eyes before deciding what to wear!

Make a timely arrival.

Arriving late is one of the worst things someone can do when first meeting the parents (unless it is in and emergency/unplanned situation)! Give yourself the time to prepare yourself, mentally and physically, until you are ready. You may appear self-conscious if you arrive flushed and sweaty from sprinting to the meeting!

Practice polite table etiquette.

Small things like not bringing a phone to the dinner table, keeping your elbows off the tabletop, cutting your food, and placing a napkin on your lap before proceeding to eat can make a big difference. You probably won’t know how formal family dinners are until you arrive at one, so keep these tips in your mind just in case!

Lighten up on the PDA.

Families are not too happy when they see their children in these situations-they haven’t even met you yet! Keep the contact PG. You can let your significant other’s parents know that you like their child, but be cautious!

Do your research

Ask your SO some questions prior to your first meeting. They probably want you to make a good first impression, too, so it is important to know things that may be important or touchy subjects. This will also help to keep conversation flowing. With this information, you can ask things such as, “Oh, John says that you’re a huge “This is Us” fan-did you see the latest episode?”

Be yourself, but don’t overshare.

It’s important to let your true colors shine, but don’t share any information that may be too personal. Your significant other’s family may feel uncomfortable with your comfort, as paradoxical as it seems. Try to keep yourself from telling your life story at first!

Meeting the parents is never and easy task, but with these tips, you can master the art of first impressions!

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