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Women’s Health: Everything You Need to Know About Water & More!

Hey y’all! I’m Sabs and I’m happy to be back this week talking about water! #gottaloveit

Water is a molecule comprised of 2 hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom, otherwise known as #H2O. It’s such a vital part to the human diet because it helps us to stay fluid and hydrated!

If we aren’t getting enough water, our bodies are dehydrated and we definitely don’t want that since being in college and running around all day requires energy. That’s where water comes in!

If you’re feeling:

  1. Tired/Sluggish
  2. Bloated
  3. Thirsty


If you’re noticing that:

  1. Your urine is quite yellow
  2. Your gorgeous skin is dry #winter

… then you definitely need more water in your life! Your future self will thank you later. #trustme

I know what all of those symptoms feel like and it sucks. As an adult our bodies are made up of mostly water (more than half), which is absolutely incredible.  Because of that, we need to replenish our bodies with water in and water out. So let’s get drinking (water)!

Why is water amazing?

  • Makes us feel alive!
  • De-bloats
  • Energizes
  • Makes our skin radiant and hopefully as soft/smooth as a baby’s butt
  • Flushes out bad stuff
  • Helps keep our pH levels balanced

I have some tips for us ‘Berg women to help us stay hydrated and feeling amazing! And for real, water will make you feel amazing.

  • When you wake up in the morning it’s always a good idea to drink a nice and tall glass of water. Why not, right?

Little trick: if you want to be extra awesome, try adding lemon to your morning water because lemon helps to alkalize the water. This is great if your pH is off or if you are feeling extra bloated. No one likes to feel bloated, am I right?! Lemon water has seriously saved my life on those days when I’ve been eating too much. Try it out!

  • Drink water throughout the day, especially after you pee. I always feel like after I pee, I need more water because of the water I just let out.

Also, don’t forget to make sure your urine is a clear/light yellow-ish color. Dark yellows are what we want to avoid. On the flip side, be careful of drinking too much water. Half of your weight in ounces is the recommended amount, but that can fluctuate depending on your daily activities.

  • Around campus, carry a re-usable water bottle with you! You can even buy them in multiple colors at the ‘Berg Bookshop.

‘Berg is awesome and provides us with quick and easy filtered water stations all over campus, and the water tastes great!

  • When you’re at the gym or exercising elsewhere, make sure you drink water! No need to take big gulps as you might experience nausea, but take sips throughout your workout so you don’t dehydrate.

If you don’t drink enough water while exercising, you will experience dehydration effects because you’re sweating so much. Essentially, water is exiting your body and not enough is entering. 

  • Before you eat a meal, drink a glass of water. Doing this will prevent you from overeating because you’ll fill up from the water. On the flip side, if you don’t want to fill up from water, take small sips throughout the meal and then drink more after you’re done eating.


I hope these tips are helpful! I’m always telling myself I need more water, and at ‘Berg it’s so nice that we can get our water for free and with such easy access. Keep on drinking (water) and health with me next week when I’ll be talking about the benefits of leafy greens! #yum



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HELLO! My name is Sabrina and I'm a Muhlenberg senior theatre major with a concentration in acting, so I love to play! Health is something that I'm super interested in, and I want to get other people interested in it as well. In case you want to know more about my health process, I have a personal blog where you learn more about me and how I deal with it while at school and back home...basically all of the time we are all #healthing. Check me our here: https://sweetbowlofkale.wordpress.com and on HerCampus so we can all be happy and healthy together :)
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