What It's Like Navigating Through Cuffing Season

Ah, fall time. The leaves are changing color and falling off the trees, the winter gets colder and all of your closest friends are going on cute fall dates by either pumpkin picking or going to haunted houses. If you missed the memo, it’s cuffing season!

What is cuffing season? It is when people start getting into serious relationships due to the colder months approaching, meaning more excuses to cuddle and do festive activities. According to Vogue, when discussing a poll that the dating app Hinge did, it polled 1,000 of its active users and asked at which months they are most interested in finding a casual hookup, a date, or a relationship. They found that “men are fifteen percent more likely to be looking for a relationship in the winter than any other season, while women are five percent more interested in something with more commitment during those months. In the spring and summer, men are eleven percent less likely to want a relationship, whereas, women are five percent less likely.”

It is fall, and I’m still single. But, that’s okay. This term pretty much only puts pressure on single people on finding a partner before spring, when there's really no rush. I wish cuffing season also meant finding a date but also finding ways to stay in touch with yourself. Since when did humans realize that these couple of months should determine when we should go find our person? If you still get a rush of butterflies when you see the endless salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden, or when you don’t have to shave your legs because you can wear pants and not have to impress anyone, then keep doing you! Being single can also be a good thing during the holiday months. Think about how much free time you can have to bake your favorite Halloween or Christmas cookies with friends!

My advice to my fellow single ladies is that you shouldn’t worry about being in a relationship. Instead, focus on building other friendships, and allow yourself to practice more self-care. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t in a relationship right now. The time will come. Love will find you when you least expect it. But, if you are trying to look for a relationship, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Try speed dating at a local coffee shop or a new dating app!

My advice to those of you who may already be cuffed is to spend this time getting to know your partner better and continue to explore yourself as well. Just because you have a significant other does not mean you must do festive and expensive date nights. Do whatever makes you and your partner comfortable. Make sure you give your un-cuffed friends your attention because some chilly nights can get lonely. Have fun, be safe, and make some memories!