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There are many ways to style a denim jacket to make an outfit more fashionable. You can transform the jacket by taking it from being a plain denim color to something that makes it more fun to wear. Short denim jackets that hit the hips look cute when wearing sleeveless summer dresses, as well as cropped sweaters worn with mini skirts.

Another way to spice up your outfit is by decorating the denim jacket itself! You could iron on patches, embellish it with rhinestones, and even distress it to give it an edgier look. A simple way to style the decorated denim jacket you bought or made yourself is to wear it under a solid colored outfit so that the jacket becomes the main statement piece. You could do this with a fitted or oversized denim jacket.

The oversized denim jacket is fun to style with any outfit because there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling an outfit with an oversized piece of clothing. You can wear a plain white t-shirt with black ripped jeans and booties. Add the denim jacket to finish off your look. Voila! You have just achieved a super simple, yet trendy look.  Another way to wear a denim jacket is by styling it with denim on denim. This trend is super fun because you add a sense of uniqueness when wearing denim that are two different washes. In doing that, it still creates a seamless outfit, as it creates a bit of contrast.

Whether you like your denim plain or styled in order for it to be the highlight of your outfit, there are many different ways to wear a denim jacket. Whether it’s used in an outfit to dress it up or down, there are infinite ways to style a denim jacket due to its versatility. Happy styling!

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Im a junior at Muhlenberg College. My major is media and communications. I really have a big interest in everything beauty and fashion. I love to read and in my free time i like to hang out with friends and family.
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