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With chilly season creeping up, it is important to prepare for the big change in the weather. The winter months feel unbearable and having the perfect coat makes this time feel manageable. Getting hit with that frosty air can feel a little warmer if you buy the right coat. Here are some of the warmest jackets on the market that can warm your mood this holiday season:


Orolay Thickened Down Jacket

The most important thing to remember in the coming winter months is layers, which is what this jacket includes. The interior of the jacket is filled with 90 percent duck down and 10 percent feathers. Down jackets are the warmest because they absorb and trap in body heat, making them the best choice when it comes to spending time outdoors this winter. This jacket specifically has four sets of large pockets, a fuzzy hood, and reaches right below the waist. This purchase can be anywhere between $126-$139.


iLoveSIA Down Alternative Puffer Coat

If you are not comfortable wearing a coat made with feathers, this jacket is perfect. Although it is missing the classic down element, it still is able to withstand the winter weather. This jacket has two large pockets and is lightweight. The jacket can also be used through icy rain, as its outer layer is water resistant. This jacket being on the cheaper side can be a great buy if you are not able to break into your wallet. On Amazon, this multipurpose coat sells for $60.


Canada Goose Snow Mantra

If you are spending significant time out in the harsh conditions of blizzards, hail, or storms during the winter, this jacket might be interested. The Snow Mantra is said to be the warmest jacket in the world to date. With their mantra being “Extreme Weather Outerwear”, it is evident that this level of protection is not needed for everybody. The jackets are made of goose down and fur, which guarantee endless protection and insulation of heat. Since being tested in the harsh conditions, it is safe to say this durable jacket is exceptionally wind and water resistant. The jacket, however, sells for a whopping $1,595 when purchased from the Canada Goose website. If you are certain that you will be in a place that needs the utmost weather protection, consider getting this jacket.

Carly Giacoio

Muhlenberg '22

Carly Giacoio is currently a junior at Muhlenberg College who originally is from northern New Jersey. She plans on graduating with an English major and Creative Writing minor. Carly also enjoys singing, composing music, and writing poetry in her free time.
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