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Skin Care Routine for Colder Months

As the colder months approach, skin care becomes more and more important to take care of so that it does not dry out. As the weather gets harsh throughout the winter, our skin tends to become more sensitive and dry.

A few tips on achieving soft and moisturized skin to protect it from the cold are to use heavier based products with more moisture. For example, swap out the gel based moisturizer for one that is thicker because it will hydrate the skin more. One of my favorites is the EltaMd’s PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer. It’s a great product for the mornings too because it helps make the skin super soft, and it does not irritate the skin. It’s perfect for people with sensitive skin because of its fragrance-free. Another way to help the skin is by using serums and face oils. These products will also add hydration and leave the skin less dry.

Another thing I love doing in the winter is face masks because it helps to detox the skin from a week of stress and any makeup or other things that might be going on the face. I love clay-based masks, especially mint ones because it leaves the face fresh and tingly. Personally, I recommend the Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque. The clay also helps to hydrate the skin.

Overall, make sure you layer on the creams and serums to help make the skin smooth. Try to find products with extra hydration in order to keep your skin from drying out in the winter. Changing your skincare each season is important, as your body is adjusting to the varying weather conditions. I hope you found these tips useful for finding a new skincare routine for the upcoming winter season. Happy pampering!

Orli Segall

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Im a junior at Muhlenberg College. My major is media and communications. I really have a big interest in everything beauty and fashion. I love to read and in my free time i like to hang out with friends and family.
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