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April 20, 2018 was the day one of the most accomplished, loved, and famous EDM musicians died. Tim Bergling, who we know to be Avicii, was a Swedish EDM (Electronic Dance Music) DJ who changed the lives of so many people. Avicii started his his career at just 16 years old, and had 12 years filled with unforgettable memories due to his incredible accomplishments.

Avicii was found dead in Muscat, Oman and it was recently released in a statement by his family that the cause of his death was actually a suicide. Multiple sources have said that Avicii committed suicide by breaking a glass bottle and used the shards of glass to inflict a fatal wound that would eventually kill him. It is known to believe that Avicii bled to death from the self-inflicted cut. In the past, Avicii has suffered from acute pancreatitis, caused from excessive drinking. He has also had his gallbladder and appendix removed back in 2014, which resulted in him canceling numerous shows and a tour. In 2016, Avicii publicly announced that he was retiring from tour ultimately to take care of his health and live “the life of a real person.” Avicii’s close friends feared his unhealthy “party” lifestyle would eventually lead him to death.

Avicii’s music and positive attitude of life inspired so many people around the world. Between fans going to his sets at music festivals or just listening to his music on the way to school on the radio, Avicii’s music helped people through life. May we keep Avicii’s name alive for many generations and remember the impact we made on our generation. His legacy will live on and his music will never be forgotten. Rest easy Avicii.

Here are the words of fellow DJ’s and other celebrities who took to twitter to express their mourning for Avicii’s passing:




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