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Recap of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Episodes 1-9

Rupaul’s Drag Race is back for All-Stars Season 4! During the first week, we were introduced to the ten fabulous drag queens competing for a title, having their name up in the Hall of Fame, and winning a cash prize of $100,000. All-Stars is different from the regular seasons because it brings back queens who have competed previously to go head-to-head. Instead of “Lip Syncing For Your Life,” you “Lip Sync For Your Legacy.” To make the season even more enticing, instead of Rupaul choosing someone to eliminate, the winning queen of the Lip Sync gets to do so! I am currently caught up with the episodes that have aired so far, and I am about to spoil and share my opinions! If you have not watched the season yet, go watch it now on VH1.

In episode one, the queens were challeneged to bring their specific talents to an all-star spangled variety show for LGBTQ community veterans. I really liked the challenge because it set the stage for the queens, and it displayed their personalities.

In episode two, the queens were split into teams to perform songs chosen by Rupaul. They were asked to record and perform them with choreography on the MainStage in front of the judges. The top two queens performed “For Their Legacy”, and the queen that won chose who was eliminated. The two winners that week were Valentina and Monét X Change. The bottom two that they chose from were Monique Hart and Farrah Moan. Farrah is known for being the “baby”-she was notorious for her complaining and crying. Monique complained about how a simple outfit malfunction should not be the sole reason in sending her home (which I agree with), but that’s not why the judges critiqued Hart; it was the choreography, and how poorly the dance moves went along with the lip sync. Valentina won the lip sync and decided to send Farrah Moan home. I believe that it was time for her to go home because she had been on the bottom multiple times, and I’m not sure she would’ve lasted much longer in the competition.

Episode Three: “The Snatch Game”. “The Snatch Game” is when the queens dress up in different personas and act out celebrities while answering questions from Rupaul. They also took part in a matchmaking game. The impressions truly made the episode a hit. Manilla won the lip sync and sent Gia home. I was genuinely happy Gia went home-she seemed to want to stir drama!

In episode four, the show did a skit that poked fun at “Judge Judy”, entitled “Jersey Justice.” The queens had to perform in pairs. They came to the courtroom with outrageous cases. In the end, Latrice and Monet X Change, were in the bottom two. Monique and Manilla performed yet another lip sync to decide who’d leave the competition. Latrice went home that week.

In episode five, the queens had to roast Lady Bunny, a queen that worked and became famous because of Rupaul. Because Monique Hart won the lip sync, she got to pick the performance order for the queens. The order was Monet X Change, Trinity the Tuck, herself, Valentina, Naomi Smalls, and Manila. Cecily Strong (SNL) appeared on the show to give the queens feedback on their jokes. At the end of the episode, Manilla and Monet were named the top two queens. Before they could eliminate one from the race, Ru stated that the rules were suspended until further notice. The audience was left in suspense as the four eliminated queens moved back into the race.

Episode six had the four eliminated queens (Latrice, Gia, Jasmine and Farrah) battling it out for a spot back in the competition with a lip sync performance. The battles were; Trinity vs. Jasmine – Trinity won, Farrah vs. Valentina – Valentina won, Gia vs Naomi – Naomi won, and Monique vs. Latrice – Latrice won. But with a turn of events, Rupaul allowed Monique to stay as well! 

In episode seven, seven queens were back in the running. With Latrice and Monique both safe, all ladies had to battle to be one step closer to the crown. They were put into groups to create a fake club with a theme, drinks, etc. The pairs were Monet x Change with Monique Hart-they created an alien themed club. Trinity, Manilla, and Latrice created a bee hive club, and Naomi and Valentina created Club 96 (I honestly  wasn’t sure what the point of their club was). Based on the club, performance, and costumes, I think Latrice and Trinity slayed. They lip synced for their lives, and Latrice won, ultimately sending Valentina home. She has a big personality, but she had to go home because she needed to start rehearsals for Rent Live! On Fox.

Episode eight paid tribute to Judy Garland. Her funeral was the same day the Stonewall riots broke out, and to allow gays and lesbians to find each other in an unsafe time period they would ask each other “are you a friend of Judy’s?” referencing Judy Garland. For their challenge, the queens had their best “Judies” (their spouses or friends that were close to them) come visit, and their task was to dress them up like twins and perform a tribute to Judy Garland. Monet X Change and Naomi Smalls won the challenge. Naomi won and sent Manilla home.

Episode nine consisted of a parody of Sex and the City. Honestly, I had too many feels about this episode to write about it. Based on their performances, the two queens who lip synced were Trinity and Monique, and the three other queens were all up for elimination. In the end, Latrice was sent home. This upcoming week is the finale-we will soon find out who will be crowned the NEXT ALL STAR!

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