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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.
  1. Bananas are disgusting 

  2. Cereal should not be hot or mushy or be eaten with milk under any circumstances ever

  3. Villains are always the best characters

  4. Grape is the best flavor candy (unless there is blue)

  5. Mixing your food (with the exception of salad) is weird and gross 

  6. Winter clothing is cuter than summer clothing 

  7. People who use The Office quotes in their dating app bios crave attention and always think they will be the funny one in the relationship (they also usually don’t have much else that is interesting about them) 

  8. You can be friends with people you disagree with politically

  9. Cutting/dyeing your hair by yourself is not a personality trait 

  10. Diminishing the way a person feels about the way they look is worse than agreeing with them 

  11. Calling people out on their bullshit isn’t rude or bitchy: it shows real genuineness where another person is lacking

  12. Not liking popular things to not like them (without reason) doesn’t make you qUiRkY or original it makes you annoying 

  13. Dunkin’ Donuts is only good for hot chocolate: their coffee tastes like dirt water

  14. It’s okay to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments, but if you aren’t humble then you’re just annoying and you shouldn’t be surprised if people don’t like you 

  15. Boys who claim that in general, girls look better in sweats, a messy bun, and no makeup are lying to literally everyone including themselves (girls look fire always period thank you) 

  16. Y’all are too comfortable on the Internet 

  17. Some people have really punchable faces, you could be the nicest person but have a punchable face and I obviously won’t act on it but your face is punchable and I’m not sorry about it.

  18. If your voice is annoying I won’t be friends with you

  19. Staying in with your friends is 100000000000000% better than going out

  20. Sleeping with a top sheet is weird 

  21. Napkins are unnecessary just use a paper towel I don’t understand

  22. Paper straws are the worst invention in the entire world 

  23. Bathrooms shouldn’t be gendered; everyone shits calm down

  24. The beach is not fun at all 

  25. Snap stories >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Insta stories

Paige Weisburg

Muhlenberg '22

Paige Weisburg is a Sophomore at Muhlenberg College. She loves judaism, beauty, pop culture, fashion, politics, and Israel
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