More Than Clothes: Make Sloppy Appropriate

Who says you can’t wear a sweatshirt to a party? Whoever did, I proved them wrong because last night I wore an oversized bright purple crew neck sweatshirt to a house party. I was really tired and honestly just did not feel like going through the ordeal of putting on a full party outfit. I always want to make sure I look flattering and appropriate, but I used this as an opportunity to test those boundaries.

Under the sweatshirt, I wore a tight black dress; I accessorized that with Doc. Martin boots, a hot pink headband, and big earrings.  This outfit would have looked like I wore pajamas out, if I did not accessorize like I did. These accessories together made the look reminiscent of the 70’s. However, the pairing with my Doc Martin boots made the outfit more contemporary. This goes to show how important accessories are. 

Because of my outfit choice, I did not have to worry about bringing a jacket out because my sweatshirt was big and comfy enough that I didn’t need one. If you’re feeling a little chilly in the winter months, adding knee high socks or tights would also be a good move. 

Another example of a stereotypically “sloppy” (yet appropriate) piece of clothing to wear is sweatpants. When you want to pull off this look I would go high waisted sweats. You could wear a crop top with them and you are done!

And of course, do not forget those accessories. Or try out that eyeshadow you never wear. As far as shoes, cool sneakers would just make you look like a badass. Booties would work but with sweatpants that show off your ankles. 

Sometimes, not trying to wear that perfect outfit actually makes you look flawless and can set you up with a great attitude for the night.