More Than Clothes: It's All About Sneakers

With two weeks left of classes, and then finals week I have some final pieces of advice for my readers:

Do not give up. Push through. We have made it this far and we just have to keep on trucking until we get to the finish line. Then, we can feel accomplished with ending the fall semester (and 2017) right. What can help you touch that finish line? SNEAKERS!

Just because I’ve emphasized taking advantage of the season’s trends does not mean we have to wear our cutest boots every single day. In fact, sneakers are actually very in right now. You can just pop on some sneakers and walk with confidence around campus. Sneakers can be much more comfortable than boots and they are great if you are on the go (as many of us are at the end of the semester).

 Vans, converse, any type of sneaker really works well with most outfits. Remember, I am taking about running sneakers. Yes. I know it sounds crazy but I just purchased a pair of Air Max 97 sneakers in silver. Not only are they shiny, but they do not make me feel lazy and tired…And did I mention they are shiny? They stand out and are my trendy running sneakers.

I suggest you get a pair. I am comfy, ready to move (or run out of class when it’s over). I’ll maybe even work out in them.

So now the question remains…what cute outfit goes with running sneakers? Here are some ideas of what you can pair with your new, comfy best friends: leggings, high-waisted sweats (which are very flattering), or even just a cool pant, in general. In my opinion, sneakers do not go well with jeans. These shoes give you an excuse to spice it up and not wear jeans.

I promise that sneakers will help you get through these last days of school this year. They will make your days speed by…Literally, you can speed walk.