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Jay’s Local: The New Restaurant in Town

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.


Jay’s Local is a new cafe style restaurant right outside of campus. The first time I went there, I was meeting with someone to discuss some things for school. It ended up being the perfect place to sit and talk with someone while also enjoying a small bite to eat.

The Southwest Avocado Toast grabbed my attention instantly. It came with scrambled eggs on top and seasoning to give it a little kick. I thought it tasted great and was priced very reasonably. 

I decided to visit Jay’s more recently and I paid closer attention to the environment of the restaurant. First, Jay’s is a very cute and cozy looking restaurant. It gives off a welcoming and productive vibe. I loved the historic pictures on the wall because it shows that Muhlenberg and Allentown have such great history. Their menu is on the smaller side, but priced reasonably. They also sell food from local vendors, which is amazing. This time, I ordered a breakfast biscuit. It tasted so good and wished it was just a little bit bigger. I highly recommend it for a quick bite to eat, to get some work done, or to hang out with a friend or two. 

Hi, my name is Veronica Pasko and I am a sophomore at Muhlenberg College. I am studying Media and Communications and also minoring in Business Administration.
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