How to Incorporate Summer Pieces into Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is here, bringing the sleet and the snow. If you are anything like me, you still have your tee-shirts and flip flops in your closet waiting for the temperatures to rise. Don’t let your summer clothes sit there! Here are six ways to transform your winter wardrobe with your summer clothes. The best thing about using your old clothes is that you don’t need to spend extra money on new clothes-save it for new bathing suits or sunglasses!

Boot Socks

Anything can match with boots if you have a black or tan pair. You can wear them with any outfit, and with the snow piling up this winter, you can be sure that your feet won't get wet and be uncomfortable in the cold weather.

Use your winter accessories to your advantage

The easiest way to really take your summer pieces into winter glam is by accessorizing! Accessorize with gloves, hats, and scarves because temperatures can sometimes be below freezing. You don’t have to let the cold take away your personal style!

Put Long Sleeve Shirts Under Jumpsuits

This is my favorite winter hack! Pay attention to what tones or colors match your jumpsuits, and place an undershirt of your choice to keep you warm this winter while still looking fabulous! This makes for a cute outfit, and it can spice up your daily routine of just wearing leggings or jeans in the winter.

Jackets For Days

Jackets are a simple way to add layers and personal style. Place your jean jacket over a cute outfit to layer and add a unique touch! Use a leather jacket to add flare to your outfit, as it is perfect for going out on weekends.