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How to Absolutely Own Valentine’s Day As a Single Woman

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

Galentine’s Day. Ah yes, the beautiful day of friends coming together and girls empowering other girls. Quoted originally by political icon and queen of television in a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation, main character Leslie Knope, describes Galentine’s Day as “only the best day of the year,” and she’s absolutely correct. Traditionally held on February 13th, this episode has inspired a widespread feminist movement celebrating the badass power and beauty of your fellow women. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a partner, or even stick to the February 13th date to have a blast this Valentine’s Day! 


To all the single folk out there, Valentine’s Day is a slap in the face. With heart-shaped boxes of Godiva chocolate and giant teddy bears cluttering the aisles of every store, the gushy, romantic aura seems impossible to escape during the month of February. It can be suffocating, obnoxious, and let’s be honest, can really get you in your feels. Galentine’s Day is the equivalent of Valentine’s Day, but platonic. Rather than focusing your attention on being single, channel that energy and call up some friends for a squad brunch or a movie night! Chocolate strawberries and facials, anyone? 


Women are some of the most influential figures in our lives- from our mothers, sisters, best friends, and so many others. Galentine’s Day honors the special relationships you share with all of them. Even just the simplest phone call or text message to one of them is enough to make their entire week. One of the many reasons that Galentine’s Day is so special because friendship is forever, while that messy-haired boy in a band that you’ve been chasing for weeks probably won’t be. Your friends are there for you at your best and worst, in a uniquely different way than a potential significant other. There’s no doubt that romantic relationships are an incredible addition to someone’s life, but not necessarily something you necessarily need in order to feel loved and fulfilled. So set aside Galentine’s for your girls, or as Leslie Knope once said, “ovaries before brovaries.”


Single this Valentine’s Day? Go to your nearest craft store, buy some festive paper, and write yourself a personal love letter. Let it be a message of strength, resilience, hope, and looking inward. Any day is a great time to self-reflect and Valentine’s Day is no exception! Take some time to practice self-love and embrace your uniqueness. Not into crafts? Find the nearest florist and decorate your living space with some beautiful flowers, because you, my fellow woman, deserve it. If you’re at home, light some relaxing candles, take a warm bath, and just kick back and relax without worrying about any lingering anxieties, at least for the day. Blast some Lizzo and Beyonce unapologetically and have your own little dance party in the comfort of your dorm room, either with some friends or by yourself. Be your own soulmate without the expenses of a ring or a wedding ceremony!


Maybe I don’t have a cute girl bringing me roses or serenading me with her ukulele this Valentine’s Day, but I’ve got me, myself, and my girls, and that’s more than enough. Roses are red, violets are blue, and you can catch me buying my own this year.

Becca Baitel

Muhlenberg '23

Becca is a junior college student studying Media/Communication and English. In her free time, you can find her playing Scrabble and Wordle, creating Spotify playlists, or curled up with a book and tea! You can connect with her on LinkedIn for more information.
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