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Halloween 2019-Hit or Miss?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

Halloween is one of the most important times of year in Hollywood, only second to the Met Gala. Some celebrities may have forgotten about it, but others brought their A-game. Let’s take a closer look!



Kim Kardashian 

Kim made Halloween her bitch this year! Her interpretation of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde was just the right amount of passive aggressive. To top it off her recreation of Elle’s Harvard application video was absolute perfection *chefs kiss*. 


The Kardashian-West’s 

America’s royal family had the cutest group costume of the year. Kanye won for best in the group for opting to dress as Dino, and scaring his child.


Halsey and Evan Peters

Halsey’s stunningly scary Marilyn Manson and glamorously accurate Cher costumes were original, but still easily recognizable, putting their costumes over the top. Evan Peters looked great, as per usual, but Halsey made him fade into the background and honestly, I’m okay with that.  


Gigi Hadid 

Gigi Hadid. Perfection. Her recreation of a hot version of Jim Carrey’s character, The Mask was spot on. I’ve never wanted a yellow suit more. 


Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka KILLED IT! They looked like Mary Kate and Ashley at first glance, and if you told me this was just a regular picture of them, I may have believed you. 


Ciara and Russel Wilson

I LOVE a good couples costume, and Ciara and Russel Wison’s perfect recreation of Queen Bey and Jay Z in the APESHIT music video was exquisite. Icons being icons I love. 



I want to personally thank Normani for blessing the world with her Halloween costumes this year. Her angelic glowy Cher is GORGEOUS and her 1991 Naomi Campbell had me fooled, same person I swear. 


Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney was serving look, on look, on look, on look this year: 

→ Ariana Grande: cute, excellent execution.  

→ Angel: if I don’t look like that when I’m her age I will be so mad, stunning.

→ Morticia Adams: the hair, the dress, the makeup, the fake cigarette- amazing.

→ Space Cowgirl: THE HAT. That’s all. 


Ariana Grande 

After Ari’s The Twilight Zone tease leading up to Halloween, her final reveal of the “Eye of the Beholder” look was spooky and perfect. Catch me watching this episode on repeat later!


Miley and Cody

First, I CANNOT be the only person who is not a fan of this combination. That being said, there is no denying that the costume was great. Cody Simpson’s Billy Idol look was very rock and roll, and he looked really good for someone I haven’t seen in, like, 7 years. Miley’s Perri Lister was sexy and fun and they looked really cool as a couples costume (only if you forget this horrible downgrade from Liam, and on behalf of Disney kids, I am disturbed).


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are high on my list for celebrity couples that make me believe in love. Their costume strengthened this belief, with Jessica Biel’s iconic ramen-haired NSYNC Justin Timberlake, and JT and a microphone was so cute.  


Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham’s sultry, sexy, pregnant Jessica Rabbit costume was the Ashley the world knows and loves. She looks amazing, yes.  


Bella Hadid 

The WORLD needs to take notes on Bella Hadid’s Halloween costumes. Her Fred Flinstone belonged with my fave group costume (as shown above), those boots were to die for. Her Catwoman, if you have eyes I’ll let you tell me why she won. She’s perfection, I’m obsessed.


Sofia Richie and Scott Disick 

If you forget that this couple is kind of gross and just focus on the costume, it’s so cute. Sofia Richie and Scott Disick as vintage Barbie and Ken is so fun and stylish. Would Kourtney approve of Penelope playing with this Barbie doll? 


Liza Koshy

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t think to look to Liza for good Halloween costumes but her Anna Wintour was AMAZING. Everything was up to the queen of fashion’s standard. Her wig and glasses were perfect, and the dress was very Anna-esque. No shade, but I was surprised to see her pull off a costume better than most celebrities.   


Emma Chamberlain

Emma’s iconic Paris Hilton look. She did that. The True Religion bootcut jeans and rainbow Louis bag brought me to the early 2000’s. So freaking perfect. 


Tana and Jake Paul 

Jake and Tana Paul (ew I hate calling her Tana Paul) managed to modernize Brittney and JT’s denim on denim 2001 American Music Awards red carpet. By modernize I mean, respect the original look and it’s amazingness while also making it so Jana. I LOVE it.  



Lizzo decided not to wear a costume this year and I support everything she does wholeheartedly. Just kidding, she dressed up as a 23andMe like DNA Test to reassure the world that she is, in fact, “100% that bitch”; which she had written on her super cute leotard. Bonus points for her bejeweled cotton swab. We stan a creative and confident queen.    


Harper Beckham 

Harper Beckham had the only good Billie Eilish costume this year and if you disagree with me you’re wrong (I’m sorry I don’t make the rules). She’s adorable and she looked like a baby Billie. 


Winnie Harlow 

No one asked Winnie Harlow to go this hard, but I’m so glad she did. Her Marilyn Monroe look was perfect, especially with her platinum blonde wig. Everything from the face to the dress to the diamonds was perfection.  



Heidi Klum 

Now, before I get attacked for this, I’m not saying that Heidi, the reigning queen of Halloween, had bad costumes, all I’m saying is that she’s done SO much better. Quite honestly, her fireworks costume was boring and her Alien was okay at best. Don’t get me wrong: the special effects were amazing I just expected more from her.  


Kylie Jenner

Again, unpopular opinion, Kylie’s costumes this year were just boring. I just think it’s sad that Stormi’s costume was better. Her fairy, playboy bunny, and Ariel costumes were lazy. I will give her the tiniest bit of credit though, that flounder bag was so good. BEING A HOT PERSON IS NOT A HALLOWEEN COSTUME! 


Khloe Kardashian 

I love Khloe so much that it hurts me her costume did not live up to the standard of her sisters. True was so cute as a Dalmation in Khloe’s Cruella De Vil costume, but overall the only way it can be described was meh. 


Cardi B 

Cardi B really messed up with this costume. This $19.99 costume from Party City was not cute, especially for a millionaire. I’m not mad, just disappointed. 


Nina Dobrev

Fully grown adults dressing up as Billie Eilish is really weird and Nina Dobrev is no exception. I didn’t think it was cute or fun, just weird. Also, wearing a Louis sweatshirt and painting lines on your face doesn’t make you Billie: if you have the means, go full Billie. 


Jameela Jamil

This was the worst costume of 2019. Jameela Jameel was “Silly Eilish, Billie Eilish’s funny cousin.” I just threw up in my mouth. If I were her, I would have set this whole look and idea on fire instead of putting it anywhere near my body. Thank you, next. 


Jonathan Van Ness

JVN does a lot of looks that are very out there and more often than not, I love them, obviously this is not one of those looks. Being a cat is the most basic Halloween costume on the planet and despite how precious he is, it just wasn’t  good. It was lazy, not a fan.  

Nicki Minaj 

Nicki Minaj’s Halloween costumes sucked. Harley Quinn and Chucky’s Bride were such strange costumes and they looked cheap. I’m bored and unimpressed, and her man looks like he feels the same.  


Jordyn Woods and Meghan thee Stallion

Hot Girl Halloween exists for Jordyn Woods and Meghan thee Stallion, but, like that’s it. Mortal Kombat women feels really basic and lazy. As I said earlier, being hot is not a Halloween costume. On behalf of Khloe Kardashian, boo. 


Demi Lovato 

I feel bad dragging Demi Lovato’s costumes because she was really feeling herself, but Pennywise and Marie Antoinette are bare minimum effort costumes. The makeup is fine, the dresses were fine, but I’m a broke college student and I can and did better than this. 


Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is so gorgeous but I honestly have no idea what her costume is, and whatever it was, it was bad. Maybe a superhero of some kind. Either way, it’s boring. I’m bored, girl! 


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton thinks that she is the queen of Halloween and while she isn’t, she had the most costumes of anyone ever, and I guess that means something? She was a princess, flapper, schoolgirl, sailor, disco queen, and kitten, yet none of these costumes were special. It felt like she was different girls at the same high school Halloween party, and I mean that in the worst way possible.  


Kasey Musgraves

Country queen, Kasey Musgraves decided to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. The team is known for their beautiful cheerleaders, and also maybe football. She’s hot, but this is lazy and not a Halloween costume. NEXT!


Camila Mendes

This was the second worst Halloween Costume of 2019. Why did Camila Mendes wake up one day and say “I’m going to be Rick from Rick and Morty but sexy”? Who told Camila that a shitty pastel costume wig, a crop top and a skirt was sexy? I would volunteer to burn the wig.   


Liam Payne 

Liam Payne is so hot as both Superman and Batman. That being said, these looks were boring and lazy. Anyone can be Superman and Batman, I’m not impressed.  


Kendall Jenner

Kendall, like Khloe opted to only have one Halloween costume this year: a Forest Fairy. It was cute I guess, but I’M BORED KENNY! What is this?


Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber dressed up as Lola Bunny for Halloween and it’s cute, but I saw at least 3 girls this Halloweekend in the same costume. The only thing we couldn’t see was Bugs Bunny. Where is he Hailey, where’s Bugs?!


Barbra Palvin and Dylan Sprouse

I don’t know anything about anime, like at all. Dylan Sprouse and Barbra Palvin’s costumes were so awkward looking and obscure. I am pleased that they are the first people that came up with something original in this list, but I just don’t like it. 


Kelly Clarkson

Kelly killed her Kellyoke cover of “I Put a Spell on You”. Her voice is insane, but her Hocus Pocus inspired costume didn’t have the same effect on me. It’s Halloween, this is lazy. Especially now that she has her own talk show, I expected her to bring her all for her live audience.  



I felt like everyone was Maleficent this year. No one did it well. If I listed all of the celebrities who made me hate one of the best villains in Disney history, we would be here all day.

Paige Weisburg

Muhlenberg '22

Paige Weisburg is a Sophomore at Muhlenberg College. She loves judaism, beauty, pop culture, fashion, politics, and Israel
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