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Festival Fashion to Integrate Into Your Summer Wardrobe

There are people, like me, that live for Coachella fashion, despite it being somewhat controversial. Although many of these extravagant looks might be better suited for the popular music festival, everyone can learn a few things from the festival’s various fashion statements. Here are a few festival fashion trends that can be incorporated into you next summer outfit:


Fringe has never been the most popular fashion choice for street style, however, it’s perfect for Coachella. Although this style might not be as common for a casual fashion choice, a subtle amount of fringe can create the perfect balance to almost any outfit. 

Matching Sets

This season, matching sets have been making an impression in this summer’s fashion trends and dominated the street style at Coachella. Matching sets are one of the most convenient outfits to throw on, be comfortable, and look nice while spending a day out. You can even pair both pieces with other articles of clothing to create multiple looks.  

Sheer clothing

This year’s festival fashion trends include tops, pants, and cover-ups made from sheer, or see through fabrics. Being one of Coachella’s boldest fashion statements, sheer clothing has become a popular trend to complete the perfect party outfit.

Flare Pants

This past week’s Coachella looks prove that flared pants are still a comfortable, yet, stylish option for you next summer outfit. You can find these pants in an array of solid colors and bold patterns to mix and match with a cute crop top or bralette.


Kimonos are the perfect heat friendly addition for almost any summer outfit, adding flair to a casual ensemble. They can be the perfect compliment to dresses, high-waisted shorts, jeans or bodysuits.

Caitlin Burns

Muhlenberg '21

Muhlenberg Marketing and Publicity Director Business Marketing and Dance double major 
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