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Everything You Need To Know About Black History Month

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.


In case you weren’t aware, February is not just the shortest month of the year and the month that has the either highly-dreaded or highly-anticipated Valentine’s Day; it is also Black History Month.


What is Black History Month?


Black History Month is a yearly celebration of the achievements of African-Americans. It’s a time to recognize the role African Americans have played in the making of U.S. history and to remember and honor those who played a role. 


Famous Contributors to Black History


Below is a list of just a few African Americans whose legacy is celebrated throughout the month.


  1. Frederick Douglass

  2. Martin Luther King Jr.

  3. Rosa Parks

  4. Thurgood Marshall

  5. Barack Obama

  6. Maya Angelou

  7. W. E. B Du Bois

  8. Duke Ellington

  9. Aretha Franklin

  10. Malcolm X

  11. Harriet Tubman

  12. Toni Morrison

  13. Booker T. Washington


How to Get Involved in Black History Month


There’s a multitude of ways to participate in Black History Month. You could go listen to a lecture on African-American history, attend a concert honoring some of music’s greatest African-American contributors, attend a Black History film screening, read a biography about one of the people above, go to a Black History museum, and more. Of course, the best way to get involved in remembering the achievements of African-Americans is by not limiting your participation in these activities to just this month, but to putting active effort in honoring Black History in every month of the year.


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