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College Has Brought Me Closer to My Mom

I feel like a lot of college girls can relate to the idea of having their mom as their best friend. Anyone who knows me knows that my mom, better known as Mummy K, is my rock.

Going to college and not being able to see my mom everyday has made our relationship stronger. I know that we all think once we go away to school we’ll gain a new feeling of independence and won’t need to talk to our parents all the damn time, but it won’t happen overnight. Mummy K and I FaceTime on a daily basis to keep one another informed of the daily news in our lives. She’s my go-to for any sort of gossip or a good cry sesh.

Of course, I was close with my mom while I was at home, but now that I’m not physically with her everyday, I miss our relationship. We don’t have the perfect relationship, considering I’m lazy and a slob (sorry mummy!), but that doesn’t mean she’s not my best friend. We totally butt heads on certain things, but we also have the best times together. She’s like any other friend that I have that’s my age; we go on adventures, go shopping, go to the movies, and also just hang out on our phones together.

I think that having a strong bond with your mom is important, especially when you’re in college. It gives you a sense of home with you while you’re away. Knowing that, at the end of the day, you can always go to your mom for whatever you need. In my experience, a good cry or venting session with your mom can give you a new perspective on the situation. Also, let’s be real: moms know everything. It makes sense to ask your mom for advice. 

My advice is to call your mummy and tell her you love and appreciate her. And shoutout to Mummy K, you’re a real one!


Jordyn Kamis

Muhlenberg '21

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