Best Holiday Makeup Looks

‘Tis the season for holiday dinners, New Year’s parties, and lots of cute outfits. With all of the events jampacked in December, it is important to plan outfits and looks ahead of time. Doing a full face of makeup can be tedious and stressful during this season, but is always essential to tie any looked up with a bow. Here are some looks that are simple to do, but look amazing:


Smokey Eye

This classic eye look never fails, especially during the holiday season. Utilizing darker colors is a bonus in the winter and brings your face from a softer look into a heavy glam. A smokey eye has two simple components: a light inner corner and a darker outer corner of the eye. The inner corner of the smokey eye can be any color, usually a glitter or metallic shade. Most classic smokey eye looks are done with a silver or cream colored shimmer in the inner corner. If you want your smokey eye to look more festive, you can use a shimmery red, green, or white shade to place in the inner corner. The outer corner however, will be a black or dark grey shade. This eye look is easy to complete because all that you need to do is make sure the inner and outer corner shades blend together. This is done by using a clean brush to soften up the edges of the eyeshadow so there are no harsh lines. After buffing out the shadow, you should have a seamless smokey eye ready for your occasion. 


Glitter Eye

If you really want to amp up the glam in an easy way, doing a glitter eye is the best way to achieve it. Using a loose or potted glitter works best for these looks. Products like MAC Paint Pots and Kylie Cosmetic Shimmer Eye Glaze are great products to use as a beginner or expert to makeup. Applying this on with a finger allows for the most glitter transfer to the eye. Then take a makeup brush and buff out the eye shape to straighten up the look. If you wanted to add a little more depth, take a darker eyeshadow and blend it from the outer corner into the glitter. This look will make you the discoball of any holiday party.