Beauty Trends To Look Out For in 2019


A new year is always certain to bring new beauty trends. Whether it’s a new hairstyle, new outfit, or a new makeup technique, people tend to add a little something new to their lives. Here are some trends that are predicted to grow in 2019. You definitely won’t want to miss out on them.

Embroidered Denim

Jeans and denim jackets are always a classic, but with this new modification, it’ll make denim feel brand-new. 2019 is all about embroidery, from patterns and flowers to hearts, or even a bold colored stripe down the side. The embroidery can make bold statements or can be placed randomly around any denim piece, or it can simply add minimal detailing. Light wash denim is usually used to place these snazzy accessories. Jeans and jackets are available in stores and online at PacSun, Express, Urban Outfitters, and many more.

Bright Eyeshadow

Ever since the Morphe x James Charles collaboration launched on November 13th of 2018, bold colors have been growing in popularity, especially when it comes to eyeshadow looks. This palette in specific contains every bright color imaginable (along with some neutral tones), so we can see the trend of bold eyeshadow looks rising. Bright eyeshadow can be used as a pop of color on the inner corner, with a neutral look by adding color to the middle, or even as just a full-blown colorful eye. The James Charles palette frequently sells out, but it can be found at Morphe and Ulta Beauty for $39.

Cropped Bangs

Yes, the bangs are back. Because there are so many different hair colors, styles, and lengths, it is hard to umbrella one trend for every hair type-but bangs are an exception this year! Short, fringy bangs are the new treasure to anyone looking to spice up their look. Bangs are usually worn on short to medium length hair. No matter what color or length, bangs are making a comeback and can enhance your facial structure in 2019.