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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

On the February 18th episode of The Bachelor, Colton and the remaining seven girls headed to Denver, Colorado; Colton’s hometown. There he went on a one-on-one date with a few of the women. The first person he went on a one on one day with was Tayshia. During their date, she expressed concern to Colton about how when Katie mentioned that she thought that there were people still in the competition not ready for marriage at the end of the experience. Tayshia named that both Cassie and Caelynn as those individuals. She said those girls are talking about being the next Bachelorette if things do not work out with Colton. I think this situation was strange because Tayshia was looking to throw girls under the bus–it was never seen on the show that she heard it from their mouths that they expressed that this was how they were feeling and what they wanted. If anyone was not genuine, it is Tayshia, and I think Colton should not have given her a rose signifying that she is one of the four girls getting to go into hometowns where Colton meets her family. The next one on one date was with Caelynn–they went snowboarding and then Colton sat her down to confront her about if those things Tayshia said were right. Caelynn said they were not and that she did not want to lose him. Colton believed her; she expressed that she was falling in love with him (clearly his facial expression say the same) and gave her the second rose.

His third one-on-one date is with Hannah B–he takes her to him home to meet his family. The encounter and conversations were sweet yet serious, but I honestly do not know why he had chosen her to be the one he brought home to his family, because to me she seemed like the least likely girl he had real strong feelings for. This was proven because when Hannah B told him she was falling for him, he did not reciprocate those feelings – and she went home. 

The group date consisted of Hannah G, Heather, Kirpa, and Cassie. Heather pulled Colton aside during the group date and said calmly that by next week she was not ready to bring him to her hometown, so she was ready to go home. I think it was cool that she knew what she wanted and did not feel to be sad over the time Heather spent with Colton and could exit the show knowing she had no drama to settle or nothing to be sad over. After sending Heather home, Colton could not make a concrete decision about which two remaining girls should get the roses and go into the hometown dates. He told them he’d decide on the evening dates.

The first of rose he gave to the remaining three girls were Hannah G! Honestly no shocker there because she got the first impression rose and Colton has gravitated a lot towards her. The last rose was down to Kirpa and Cassie. No matter how it was going to play out Kirpa definitely did not deserve the rose because she was talking about Cassie and Caelynn negatively to Tayshia like they were the not genuine ones when Kirpa was just mean. All of a sudden Caelynn walked in on the date and went to find Colton. The cameras obviously do not show the full discussion, but my gut tells me that she went to vouch for Cassie in regards that she is in fact here for the right reasons.

In the end, Kirpa was sent home, and Cassie got the final rose of the four roses. This does not surprise me because she is always seen with Colton being very PDA and he truly likes her back in a big way. Honestly, he has a really solid group of girls in my opinion. I just do not think Tayshia should be there because she should worry more about herself then throwing people under the bus to “win” Colton’s heart because again she never even actually heard Caelynn or Cassie express things that seemed ingenious. Can not wait for next week’s episode where Colton meets each girls parents, because it just means more drama, tears, and one step closer to seeing who he picks to be his wife.

The newest episode of The Bachelor comes out tonight on ABC at 8/7c. 


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