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Accessories To Keep You Cozy This Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

With the weather finally starting to get chilly, we cannot help but wonder about what new winter wardrobe additions will be added to our closets this season. Although sweaters and leggings are most likely the first items that come to mind, its important to take those extra steps of incorporating some other accessories to help keep warm while going on doors. Here are a few articles that will keep you toasty in that frosty air.

Fleece Texting Gloves

When trying to be warm outdoors, it is also important to be practical. Texting while wearing gloves is an insane struggle because of the fabric resistance against the phone screen. This struggle can be avoided if you purchase gloves made with certain fabric that allows the gloves to be “textable”. Most pairs of texting gloves come in elegant, neutral colors and knitted patterns. They also usually range from around $10-$20. These gloves help you achieve the best of both worlds: keeping your hands warm and not having to put your phone down.

Knit Beanie

Of course this definitely seems like a must, especially if there’s a blizzard. Beanies are also great accessories for the chilly temps, considering they come in many styles, colors, and some even come with a pom-pom on the back. These hats are trendy, but they also made with a quilted material to keep your head and ears warm for the weather. These beanies are usually around $10-$15, and they last a lifetime. Whether you are planning on shoveling snow all winter or walking around New York City during Christmas time, these beanies are the perfect accent to any cozy, winter look.

Fuzzy Socks

Whether you are sitting by the fire in your favorite pajamas or wearing a cute pair of knee-length boots, long fuzzy socks are completely necessary. Having your feet at a cozy temperature in the winter is crucial, and socks can thankfully add a pleasant, fashionable element to a winter outfit as well. Winter boots from the brand Hunter, for example, go perfectly with a pair of long, wool socks to cuff over the boot, adding a comfy element to your look and to your feet. No matter if you are going out or staying in, the right pair of socks is a major holy grail in the colder months.

Hand Warmers

This may not be considered the prettiest winter accessory, but definitely a must when staying out in the cold for long periods of time. These warmers are activated when you open the package and crush the warmer in the palm of your hands to activate the heating beads. These are perfect to slip in your coat pocket and squeeze when times get tough in the brutal winter winds. These warmers are very portable, small, and powerful which makes them an obvious buy when getting ready for the cold season.

Wool Scarf

The perfect tie-in to any winter look is always a cozy, chunky scarf. Wearing one feels and looks like a beautiful blanket for your neck, and it is sure to keep you warm from the harsh outdoors. Pairing a scarf with a sweater and some boots, a winter coat, or vest is sure to make any outfit pop. Popular scarves usually come in knitted, plaid, or solid colors. There are also many stylistic choices to keep in mind while picking a scarf, like picking an infinity scarf as opposed to a long, blanket scarf. Regardless of whatever style or color chosen, a warm scarf will be the coziest hug you need on a bitter winter day.

Carly Giacoio

Muhlenberg '22

Carly Giacoio is currently a junior at Muhlenberg College who originally is from northern New Jersey. She plans on graduating with an English major and Creative Writing minor. Carly also enjoys singing, composing music, and writing poetry in her free time.