7 POC Beauty Bloggers to Follow

Inclusivity has always been a problem in the makeup industry. Makeup products geared towards people of color (POC) are either too expensive or non-existent. While brands such as Fenty Beauty have made great strides for inclusivity, there needs to be a wider skin tone range for makeup products, especially in this day and age.

Here are seven POC Beauty Bloggers who are currently making strides in the makeup industry:

Jackie Aina  

Jackie Aina is an LA-based professional makeup artist and beauty blogger of Nigerian descent. She is best known for her stunning makeup tutorials and honest-to-god product reviews on YouTube. Aina recently collaborated with “Too Faced” on their “Born This Way” collection, curating an expansive shade range that is inclusive of all skin tone. She’s not one to shy away from calling out the makeup industry for being inaccessible for POC, making her a hero to all.

Video: “Non-Appropriating Festival Makeup + Survival Tips!”

Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy is a Calabasas-based beauty guru, mom, and author, originally from Mexico. Her lively and inspiring videos range from DIY’s, makeup, beauty, hair and fashion tutorials. She has garnered over 2.2 million viewers on YouTube. The fact that she offers tutorials in English and Spanish is a mere cherry on top!

Video: “Como Aplicar el Contorno e Illuminador


PatrickStarrr not only holds a special place in my heart for being a fellow Filipino (#pinoypride ), but his ambition and drive led him to be one of the biggest names in the makeup industry today. His recent collaboration with MAC on his PatrickStarrr collection brought his philosophy of “Makeup Is A One Size Fits All” to the brand, tackling the stigma against men who wear makeup. He recently invited big-name celebrities on his YouTube show, such as Kim Kardashian West, Katy Perry and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is a Dallas-based beauty blogger, best known for her her reviewing the deepest shades of makeup in a series on her YouTube channel, aptly named “#thedarkestshade.” As Nyma Tang repeatedly points out in her videos, “showing what the darkest shades look like on my skin tone is important because there aren’t a lot of people with my complexion in mainstream media or on YouTube.” Her review on Fenty Beauty is definitely a must-watch.

Video: “My Everyday Makeup Routine for Dark Skin

From Head to Toe

Jen Chae, commonly known as From Head To Toe, is not afraid to share her stories both as a makeup lover and as a new mom. Finding a quality tutorial for monolid-shaped eyes has been such a struggle for me, and her videos definitely delivered! For those struggling to perfect that smokey eye makeup, Jen’s videos are always closely zoomed in when she does her eyes, which surprisingly isn’t common in other tutorial videos.

Video: “Glow Up Pop Makeup Tutorial

Nazanin Kavari

At a mere age of 19, Nazanin Kavari has been making strides in the beauty blogging world. She first created her channel while in high school back in 2012, and has been killing it ever since. Kavari currently has two active channels on YouTube: “Nazanin Kavari” and “Kavari Vlogs,” and a huge group of fan followers, the “Kavari Krew.”

Video: “Get Ready With Me: Prom 2017

Daisy Marquez

Daisy Marquez is a 19-year old self-taught makeup artist from Dallas, Texas and of Mexican descent. Last year, she revealed that she was undocumented In a very real and heartbreaking video, recalling her experience of crossing the border at the age of 10 after fulfilling her dream of visiting her hometown in Mexico. She turned to creating makeup tutorials on YouTube upon realizing that college wasn’t an option for her due to the immense cost as an undocumented student, and eventually became successful at it.

Video: “One Brand Makeup Tutorial: Maybelline