10 Times That Arie Was Every White Man I've Ever Dated During "The Bachelor" Finale

If you watched the two night “Bachelor: After the Final Rose” finale, you were probably more than a little disgruntled over the Bachelor, Arie’s, behavior. For those of you who didn’t watch, Arie proposed to Becca K., only to go back on his decision and dump Becca for the runner-up, Lauren B. Not only did he dump her, but he did it with the Bachelor crew filming every painful second. On the second night of the finale, Becca got to confront Arie, receiving little to no clarity on his behavior. Following this, he proposed to Lauren on live TV. And this was all of our faces…

Even as someone who went into the finale with the spoilers under my belt and aware of the final outcome, I was still angry at the absolute disrespect Arie had for both of the women he supposedly “loved.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scream at the him through my TV about 2,000 times. However, despite my anger, I wasn’t all that surprised. You see, I’ve dated my fair share of privileged, white men. Arie’s actions were honestly things that I’ve seen played out over and over again with the white men in my life, and I’m sure many of you can relate. I felt for Becca because, girl, I’ve been there.

Here are all of the times during the Bachelor finale that Arie was every white man I’ve ever dated:

1. When he toyed with the emotions of two women that were out of his league.

2. When he would not listen when Becca said "just go" because (shocker) he didn’t want to.

3. When he repeatedly touched Becca even though she said not to.

4. When he tried to play the “I am misunderstood” card to gain sympathy.

5. When he just couldn’t make a decision like an adult.

6. When he said ON CAMERA that he was over Becca and basically deaded their relationship like it meant nothing.

7. ...and he did and said all of this just to get what he wanted, which was of course another woman he didn’t deserve.

8. When he dodged answering Becca’s questions the same way he dodged every eye in the audience.

9. When he never really apologized, but Becca was still the bigger person.

10. When, despite all of this, he still seemed to end up getting his damned way.

Well we can all agree on one thing…