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10 Things That Happen When Your BFF Goes Abroad

It’s spring semester, everyone. It’s the semester when most juniors go abroad in search of a certain je ne sais quoi. You and your best friend are most likely in the same boat; feeling excited yet anxious at the same time. Last semester, my best friend at Muhlenberg studied abroad and while I was excited for her to explore Denmark, I knew that half of my junior year wouldn’t be the same without her. Here is a list of things I found myself feeling when my best friend was abroad. If you find yourself relating to these things, you know this is a friend you will want to appreciate more when they are back from their magical journey.

1. There is no one around to tell you not to eat all the junk food you surround yourself with in your bed

2. You find yourself dancing/singing to your favorite song without your usual dance partner

3. There is no one telling you that staying in on a Friday night is completely okay

4. There is no one there to triple check to make sure you look cute when your crush is around

5. 2 AM comes around and you find yourself talking to the ceiling

6. You look at their Instagram posts and wish you could post a better one to make her jealous (hah)

7. Your bank account is actually pretty full because you haven’t gone shopping nearly enough as you should’ve

8. In the middle of a good story, FaceTime freezes and you just find yourself wanting to know the rest of the story like

9. Feeling silly at the gym because you’re the only one checking the guys out

10. They send you packages/letters and it makes you want to cry

I'm Darling, I'm 21 years old and I go to Muhlenberg College. I am a double major in Public Health and French.
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