Three Up-and-Coming Youtubers to Waste Your Day Away With



There are definitely different communities on Youtube. These communities range from educational videos to animated videos. YouTube is a video sharing website that has videos nearly pertaining to anybody. If you love drawing, there are drawing channels, if you love kazoo players there is no doubt a channel for it.


I nearly watch YouTube every day. I find watching content on the site is relaxing and a good activity for when you just want to chill. YouTubers that I have seen on the rise are animating YouTuber JaidenAnimations, Educational YouTuber TheRewiredSoul, and Kurtis Conner a commentary/comedy channel.


JaidenAnimations takes stories and animates them with a simple art style. Videos of hers range from talking about random thoughts she has, to animated versions of things that happen in her life. This is common in the animation corner of YouTube. These videos do take longer to upload, according to Jaiden and three other animating YouTubers in Anthony Padilla’s video I spent a day with FAMOUS YOUTUBE ANIMATORS. Although these videos are timely they are definitely worth the wait and are very fun to watch.


TheRewiredSoul is a completely different channel, where Chris (the man behind TheRewiredSoul) in his words takes situations from the YouTube community and pop culture and talks about psychology to better your mental health. In these videos, he showcases types of behaviors different YouTubers show and explains why are why not we should be doing this. He is a very entertaining guy with a great personality. If you watch one of his videos there is a high chance that you will want to watch more.


Lastly, there is a part of YouTube where these comedian-esque channels take content and make commentary over it. One of these channels that snuck its way into my recommended page the other day is Kurtis Conner. Kurtis used to do Vine but since the app shut down he has been making videos. His recent video as of January 29th, 2019 is called Facebook & Their Insanely Specific T-Shirts. His channel is full of hilarious content, and very original ideas.


These three channels highlight some rising communities on Youtube. These creator’s personalities are great and are a big reason for their success. Many YouTube creators put hard work in their videos, and with all this variety there is no doubt you will find somebody to watch on there.