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Things to Look Forward to in the Summer: We are Almost There



I am really stressed from exams and final projects, and there are most likely many other people in the same boat as me right now.


To put our goals in focus I will name some things to look forward to in the summer.

Time to relax

I know when summer break starts, I am going to call into my job to start a little later. A week to catch up on sleep and doing nothing is needed. With final projects such as papers that require a page limit in its double digits and numerous other exams, my couch at home is calling my name.

Spending time NOT on campus or in a classroom

As someone who lives at my college’s campus without a car. This one is huge. Don’t get me wrong MTSU’s campus is beautiful, and great to be at. But being at home with my dog, and seeing places other than the Student Union and the Media Building is a blessing. Don’t even get me started with my own bed and home cooked meals.


I may not be going on one this year but others might. Last year I had a blast with my first time in the west of the United States. If you are going anywhere this summer keep that in mind during finals week and tell yourself it will be here before you know it. Also, have fun on your travels, and stay safe!

Warm weather

I know one can already feel this now, but just imagine feeling this weather when at the pool, or eating ice-cream. This weather will be more gorgeous when there are no exams to think about. After that last final, you will be free and can run and relax in your shorts and short sleeves in peace.

Stay strong, and good luck on your exams. I know writing this list calmed me down a bit. We are almost there then before you know it we will have months to chill.

Sydney is a Visual Communications major at MTSU and a former co-correspondent to the MTSU HerCampus Chapter. She aspires to be a magazine designer or an illustrator. She also works as a designer for MTSU's school newspaper. In her free-time, she enjoys creating collages in photoshop while listening to Twenty One Pilots.
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