4 Ways to Destress Post-Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day can be pretty stressful when you’re single. As happy as you may be for your friends in relationships, it can be a big downer not being all alone on the one day of the year made for couples. Plus, this seems to be the time of year when classes start picking up and work starts piling up and everything just gets hectic. This year, don’t let the post-Valentine’s Day slump get to you. Here’s 4 ways to let that stress go and get moving.

  1. Have a Girl’s Night – whether it’s with friends or just alone in your dorm, take a night to pamper yourself. Get your studying done a little early and take the night off – do a face mask, paint your nails, watch a movie and relax. There’s no need to stress about things that you can’t change right now, like being single or that midterm in two weeks.
  2. Treat Yourself – let’s face it, we all like getting gifts – it makes us feel special and wanted. Seeing couples give each other balloons and chocolate and roses on Valentine’s Day and not getting any of that ourselves can be discouraging, so why not go all out and treat yourself to a new outfit, a manicure or even a new tattoo? You deserve the love too (and maybe some chocolate).
  3. Start Journaling – For some people, Valentine’s Day can be incredibly saddening, especially after a breakup. It sounds cheesy and I know nobody keeps a diary anymore but getting all of your thoughts and feelings out on paper can be incredibly cathartic. Buy a cheap notebook from Walmart and just write, about your day, how you’re feeling, or just anything that comes to mind. You can also try Bullet Journaling, a type of journaling that combines planners, diaries and journals all in to one. It’s a great way to keep your to-do lists in order and track all those assignments that you might be forgetting.
  4. Go to the Gym – It might sound awful, I know. But working out actually releases a chemical called endorphins that can lead to positive, happy feelings all around. So why not give it a shot and see if that exercise bike is really all that bad?