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scene from Bridgerton on Netflix
scene from Bridgerton on Netflix
Shondaland / Netflix
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The biggest question we all have been asking ourselves during this winter break: should I watch Bridgerton? My answer is an astounding YES. 

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As a lover of historical fiction and romance drama, this show is truly the complete package. I’ve rewatched Pride and Prejudice too many times to count and this is the perfect new fad. Brigderton truly rises to the expectations of the audience as the elegance and grandness of the Victorian era is displayed through the set, costumes, and heated drama between the dynamic characters. In total, 7,500 costume pieces were created and all furniture was custom made for the show, and I can say the effort is clearly seen. As soon as you begin watching the show you are utterly swept away by the majesty of everything.

In addition to the stunning set, the cast is filled with star-worthy talent of new and upcoming stars. Daphne Bridgerton is played by Phoebe Dynevor while the Duke of Hasting is portrayed by Rege-Jean Page. The two are ideal for their roles in setting up a tension unlike no other. It is even being rumored by fans that Rege-Jean Page would be a perfect James Bond (I couldn’t agree more).  By far my favorite character is none other than Elosie Bridgerton, who radiates feminist energy and is a young lady seeking equal opputunitiese in education rather than dreaming of a fantasy wedding. 

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To intrigue you even more the show was produced by Grey’s Anatomy’s Shonda Rhimes. So if you’re not a die hard lover of romance period pieces, give it a try anyway because the creative team is phenomenal. 


If you can’t get enough and are currently rewatching episodes, it might help to know that the series originally started as a novel. There are nine books in total and each book follows a different Bridgerton child. Season two is rumored to follow the eldest brother Anthony in his search for love. I can’t wait, so while quarantining you’ll know what I’ll be reading. 

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Overall, I truly have no qualms with this show and highly recommend you watch it when you can. 


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