Why Everyone Should Watch Schitt's Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian sitcom starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara in which an affluent family of four loses all of their riches and must move into a motel in a small town they once bought as a joke. The great cast of characters, amazing writing, and hilarious scenarios create the pinnacle of a feel-good show that I assure you will help make you happy and forget about all of your worries. Here are six reasons why everyone should be watching Schitt’s Creek!


1. It’s on Netflix

Each episode is just twenty minutes long and there are only four seasons, making it perfect for binging on a night in. Get comfortable because it’s going to be hard not clicking “next episode” again and again.  


2. Johnny Rose

Johnny, the patriarch of the family, is the perfect balance of sarcastic and serious, making him a very lovable character with his big heart and his drive for success and money. Eugene Levy, the actor, brings charm to to the way he slowly adapts to Schitt’s Creek and his strong desire to bring the family together through their struggles.


3. Moira Rose

Moira, the mother of the family, has probably the hardest time adjusting to the small-town life, although eventually she becomes the honorary matriarch of Schitt’s Creek with her need to always impose her expertise on other people’s problems. To add to the humor, she is always wearing a different wig to match a lavish outfit that clashes against the flannel-and-jeans uniform of most of the community. You will be drawn to her ability to always be so put together, but also cringe at her ignorance of what small town-life is like.


4. Alexis Rose

Alexis, the daughter, is prim, not shy or subtle about her attraction toward the men in the town, and is often selfish but she lends the storyline greatly with her charm and the way she attempts to hide her undeniable love for Schitt’s Creek. Also, she provides the show with relatable content on what it’s like to have a crush and constantly delivers snarky lines to David, hilariously showing what it’s like to have a sibling.


5. David Rose

Easily one of the funniest characters, David, the son, provides the show with witty remarks, snarky one-liners, pansexual representation, and the most amazing facial expressions. You will love the way he boldly expresses his opinion and strongly relate to many of the things he says.


6. It’s Feel-Good and Hilarious

It feels like a new drama show comes out every month, but who wants to be sad and go on an emotional rollercoaster every episode when you can watch this incredible family and laugh constantly at all the brilliant jokes? I hope you all enjoy the show as much as I do and have a great time binging all four seasons this upcoming weekend!


^ What you all are going to say after watching one episode of Schitt’s Creek.


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