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Why Do Many Students Prefer Leaving Campus on the Weekends?

During my Freshman year at Mount Holyoke, I realized that many students prefer getting of campus for the weekend, instead of attending a campus event or party. They either go back home or travel to the neighboring cities of Boston and New York. Since there are weekly campus events and five college parties to attend, it surprised me that students constantly left campus over the weekend. However, as a current sophomore, I have also become a student that prefers to leave campus on the weekends and travel to New York City or Boston. By the end of the long academic week, instead of attending a campus party, exploring the restaurants in the Pioneer Valley, or going to the movie theater, I prefer to visit my friends and family members living in Boston and New York. Spending time with close friends and relatives over the weekend can be extremely comforting and satisfying. Sleeping in a larger bed, relaxing on the couch and eating home cooked meals helps reenergize me to return to campus and prepare for a new week of classes. It is also exciting to visit friends from home and catch up on the time that we spend apart. Although as a freshman, I was surprised by the large number of students that leave on the weekends, I now understand that it can be beneficial for ones wellbeing. 


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Leen Hajjar

Mt Holyoke

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