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What to do When Homesickness Hits

It’s your first year of college at Mount Holyoke, you’re missing everything about being home—the food, your dog, not paying for laundry…the list goes on. You can’t go home for the weekend because you live across the country (or in a whole other country), and it’s only been a few weeks since you arrived on campus. If this sounds familiar, here are a few things to make things a little easier for yourself.


1. Cook your favorite meal or have a comfort food cooking night with friends.

Dining hall food can be yummy, but there’s nothing like a home cooked meal. While it would be ideal to have your mom make it for you, why not give a go at cooking for yourself? Tran’s World Market (South Hadley), Mom’s Kitchen (Amherst), and Ecuador Andino Latino Market (South Hadley) all have a great variety of food, and grocery trips to each one are hosted monthly by the Asian Center for Empowerment and the Eliana Ortega House. There are also Golden Pears in a number of the residence halls where you can prepare your food.


2. Stay connected.

Setting aside time to simply talk to or Skype with your parents, siblings, friends, or anyone back home can make the biggest difference. Chances are they miss you just as much as you miss them. During my first year of college, I missed my dog more than anything. In order to make me feel better, my mom decided to download Snapchat, and would send me pictures and videos of my dog all the time.


3. Get busy.

The root of homesickness is being in an unfamiliar environment. The best way to adjust yourself and really settle into the community here is to just get out there, do stuff, and meet people! Joining clubs and student orgs (such as Her Campus) is an awesome way to get involved, find a support system of friends, and ultimately make Mount Holyoke your second home. Soon you’ll find that you don’t need to call home quite so often.

No matter how exciting college can be, even the most independently spirited people get homesick now and then. Remember to take care of yourself, but during your time away from home, make sure to embrace the opportunity to grow, explore, and gain confidence.


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