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One piece of advice: taking a break is necessary. Taking online classes can sometimes feel overwhelming but it’s important to remember that everyone needs time to relax and unwind. 


What better way to give yourself a break than to start a new show in your free time? It’s something to keep you motivated and reward yourself for finishing that paper or getting halfway through a reading assignment.  Here are my recommendations for the top ten shows you should binge on Netflix! 


1.  Schitt’s Creek 

This Canadian sitcom follows the life of a rich family that loses everything and now must go and live in a small town called Schitt’s Creek. On the way, they realize the true value of family. The characters are dynamic and absolutely hilarious and you can’t help but fall in love with them. I recommend this show if you like other sitcoms like The Office. 


2. Criminal Minds 

Who’s up for the chilling and thrilling series that is Criminal Minds? The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) within the FBI analyzes and catches serial killers and psychopaths. The team is a close knit family who’ll always stick together through tragic crimes. 


3. Spinning Out 

This show follows the story of an ice skater who struggles with the trauma of a tragic fall. The show is truly jam packed with drama and awesome skating scenes! If you are a fan of ice skating, romance, a come back story, and drama this show is perfect for you. 


4. The Umbrella Academy 

This has to be one of my favorite shows of all time. The show follows a group of people all born on the same day that have special powers. They are taken to the Umbrella Academy and trained to become superheroes. But what happens when the academy disbands and they each go their own way? It’s the funeral of their father that brings them all back together. From there the story unravels and creates a very interesting plot. The cinematography is amazing and you can’t help but pick out your favorite character from the super seven. 


5. Jane The Virgin 

If you’re looking for a show jam packed with drama and comedy this is the show for you! Jane, an aspiring writer, accidentally gets artificially inseminated and has to come to terms with being a mother before losing her virginity. The show has hints of a telenovela mixed in but most importantly the show is about family and staying strong through the thick and the thin. Additionally, who doesn’t love a love triangle? 


6. New Girl 

Warning, this show will make you laugh. The show follows a teacher who broke up with her boyfriend who has to move out and finds an add on Greglists to live in a loft with three men. The show is filled with funny moments between the suitmates and is, in my opinion, one of the greatest comedies. If you lose track of time you could probably binge watch one season in a single day without even knowing. 


7. Living With Yourself 

If you’re a Paul Rudd fan this show is for you. The show follows a young man who feels stuck in his old life and then decides to get a mysterious treatment. Suddenly his life is turned around and he feels amazing! However, it all comes crumbling down as he soon realizes that he was actually cloned and replaced with a better version of himself. The young man and his better self must now come to terms with how to live with each other.


8. Santa Clarita Diet 

This show follows a married couple who are living a normal life in Santa Clarita California while raising their teenage daughter. Suddenly Sheila, the mother, goes through a mysterious transformation which will lead her down a path of destruction yet she’ll end up feeling better than ever! If you love Drew Barrymore you are sure to love this dark and funny TV series. 


9. Outlander 

This historical TV series follows a nurse in the year 1940 who falls back in time to 1743 Scotland. In this unfamiliar setting she is thrown into a world where her life will be threatened by many forces. If you’re a history nerd and want a show filled with romance and drama this show is perfect for you! There are plenty of seasons to occupy your time and they are all packed with drama and action. 


10. Instant Hotel 

If you like watching house remodeling shows with a reality TV show vibe this show will be perfect. Set in the beautiful landscape of Australia, each team owns their own bed and breakfast. They must compete with other teams to rate each other's bed and breakfasts in order to determine who has the best one.


I hope you enjoy your Netflix binge watching! You deserve this break from all the hard work you’re doing! 


If you would like to write for Her Campus Mount Holyoke, or if you have any questions or comments for us, please email hc.mtholyoke@hercampus.com.    


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