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Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do In Blanchard

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mt Holyoke chapter.

After working almost two semesters at Blanchard, I have had the wonderful opportunity to compile a list of worker complaints and pet peeves  that I am pleased to share with you. Though this is a small thing in the list of worries our nation and world faces, I seriously think that changing our bad habits will make the world a better place…even if it’s only being considerate of the student workers in Blanchard. Here is a simple list of ways to make working in Blanchard easier for student workers:.


1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

One thing I have noticed — and in all honesty, I expected better from students at our school — is that students do not recycle properly. I feel that this is pretty common knowledge, but I will say it again: recyclable items belong in recycling bins and trash with trash. They don’t mix. Please recycle properly; it really and truly isn’t that hard.


2. Empty the liquid out of the container before recycling

This is an absolute must, due to proper recycling practices. But in case further reasoning need to be given, not emptying the liquid out of the containers before recycling can and will create a mess. If liquid is left in the containers (this is especially true for glass bottles and open containers), us Kitchen Assistants can pick up the trash only to have liquid splattered all over you, especially if the bag bursts at the bottom; then you have liquid all over you. Not cool guys. Be considerate of your fellow MoHo workers.


3. Stop leaving recycling materials on the counter instead of simply putting them in the garbage can

We really don’t want extra work. Extending your wrist a little more won’t hurt and the recycle bin doesn’t bite. I fail to believe how anyone can be in such a rush that they can’t finish recycling something.


4. Please tell us about overflowing garbage

This isn’t obligatory, but to make the world a nice and happy place with sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows, it would be nice if you just let us know if the garbage is overflowing, instead of just piling the trash on the counter. This creates a lot of unnecessary work for us.

If you simply pile more trash on top of overflowing trash, we have to take the time to clean up the extra mess left, especially under the cupboard where the garbage cans are. Food often falls there due to overflowing trash and if we are not aware, ants can start making a living there which I’m sure no one wants.


5. Remember we are not Elastigirl from the Incredibles (though I’m sure we wish we were)

Fellow MoHos, the dish drop off area is pretty wide. If you leave the dishes at the very end as many do, most of us have to practically climb up to get it or go outside of the dish room to get it. I always feel as if I’m stretching myself to infinity and beyond when it comes to this part of my job. (PS: this is a pretty common problem among Kitchen Assistant workers.) Please just use  little extra energy to push the dish a little further so we can reach it.


6. When you see us with a cart…

I have noticed that on my way to get dishes, I’ll be rolling the cart and someone will see me (as they stand in my way) and just stare at me as if they are expecting me to tell them what to do (to move out of the way, obviously). I will not. I am a lady of few words. Rather, I will stare into the midst of your soul and deep into your being until you writhe with discomfort and use the wonderful brain that got you into Mount Holyoke and move. I am also aware that Blanchard can be extremely crowded, which I understand; however this has happened even when Blanchard becomes a ghost town, and at that point there’s really no excuse. Please be aware of your surroundings, even when having a good chat with your friends. Don’t be so engrossed in choosing which drink you’ll get that you can’t notice or hear a worker saying “excuse me.”


7. Be kind and do not walk where we are mopping

If there is a spill and I am mopping, please don’t walk straight through it, especially since there are often broken pieces of glass or other sharp objects. Not only is it an annoyance to me but it is dangerous to you, so just step around.


8. And finally…

Clean up after yourselves after eating.

While we Kichen Assistants are thankful for our job to earn money, it doesn’t necessarily mean we want extra work. I have compiled this list because I do think that the actions performed are a sign of true inconsideration for student workers, but simple mindlessness. However, remember we are working because we need to be, not because we want to be, and it would be greatly appreciated if others could realize that and simply do their part and not create extra work for us.

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Hello readers! I'm a freshman at Mount Holyoke College. I love writing and bringing you news. Enjoy and thank you for reading my articles!
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