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The Power of Sharing Music

My whole life, music has been the primary tool I have used to express myself, from sharing playlists with my friends to having certain songs mark a specific place or memory. Music brings to life the memories we love and cherish. Whenever there is a specific occasion coming up, such as a trip or excursion, I love to create collaborative playlists with my friends. 

Spotify has one of my favorite functions, which is the ability to make a playlist collaboratively. The ability for your friends to share their music tastes and to find new music is a great way to make stronger connections and learn about new music you thought you would never listen to! Recently, in WMHC Radio, I took part in a playlist exchange, which was an amazing way to find new music and make new friendships within the club. The ways in which music can connect us is unfathomable and immeasurable in the sense that a playlist is everlasting: you can always go back and look at the stories within the music. 

One of my favorite memory playlists is entitled LBJ, which is a playlist my friends and I made for our dear friend Lauren’s birthday. The playlist was made days before in one of our dorm rooms, laughing and giggling the whole time, so the memories made within this playlist are truly special. The title is even more funny, as LBJ is her nickname on the swim team. There are three other Lauren’s on the team, and of course, the most logical decision ever, was to coin the nickname LBJ after Lyndon B Johnson, even though those are not her initials. 

Next time you have a special moment, memory, or feeling, try to capture it in a playlist and play it over and over again whenever you want to reminisce on those serendipitous moments. 

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Amanda Thibodeau

Mt Holyoke '24

Intending to major in History and Education Just a girl who loves to listen to music and watch films
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