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I love both movies and music, so it only makes sense that I also love musicals. I find that music really enhances the story and shows the inner emotions of the characters. It also helps when the songs are bops and are great to sing along to. I’ve found that some of my favorite movie musicals (and movies in general) are actually animated. I wanted to share some of my favorites as we near finals, as animated movies are the perfect length for a study break! 

The Prince of Egypt

I recently rewatched this movie, and I was just left in awe at how moving and uplifting the songs are! Every song deserves a special mention for something different, from being inspiring to making me want to cry; I love them all. I could put the whole soundtrack on repeat for days and not be tired of it. 

My Recommendation: “Deliver Us” and “When You Believe” are two of my favorites (but all are so great!)


I think everyone knows the top-tier soundtrack that this movie has. I remember when the movie first came out, I wanted to watch it on repeat because I loved the songs so much. Every song is so catchy and great to belt out alongside Rapunzel. 

My Recommendation: “I See the Light”


This is another movie that’s known for its soundtrack, but again, it’s well deserved. The songs just grab your attention, whether from being heart-wrenching or straight dance-worthy. 

My Recommendation: “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and “Reflection”

Corpse Bride

You may not think of a movie musical when you think of this movie, but there are original songs in it that are very good. The different songs between the land of the living and of the dead contrast so well, it really juxtaposes the locations which bring a whole new meaning to the story. 

My Recommendation: “Remains of the Day” and “The Piano Duet”

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 

This is such an underrated movie, and the songs are such gems. I love the storytelling done through the opening song and the emotion you can clearly hear in the songs. 

My Recommendation: “God Help the Outcasts”

Sleeping Beauty

Sometimes I forget how good this soundtrack and movie is! As an older Disney movie, it’s not one I return to as much as the more recent movies. However, it deserves all the praise a classic Disney movie should get. 

My Recommendation: “Once Upon a Dream” and “I Wonder” 

I hope that one of these movies can brighten your day. Happy watching! 

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