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Alt-rock sensation The Wrecks have been keeping busy ever since the pandemic hit the United States last March. Although they have been unable to tour, they’ve released an impressively large collection of music in a short period of time. In May 2020, the band released their debut full-length album, and since then they have released an additional EP, as well as two cover songs and an original single. They have also featured on two songs by other artists in the same span of time. 

The band is a fresh combination of hard rock and dirty grunge, with a little hip hop and pop thrown in for good measure. As soon as I heard their music I was hooked. I first discovered The Wrecks in 2017 when they opened for All Time Low on their Last Young Renegade tour. I have now had the pleasure of seeing The Wrecks perform live on two separate occasions and was looking forward to seeing them play live again as they toured for Infinitely Ordinary. Hopefully I’ll be back to seeing live music soon enough, but until then, here’s a rundown of all the music The Wrecks have released in the past year. 


May 2020: Infinitely Ordinary 

“Freaking Out”

The first song on The Wrecks’ debut album is one of my least favorites of all their music. The chorus is upbeat and catchy and I do find myself singing it quite frequently, but something about the verses doesn’t sit right with me. The speak-singing feels out of place against the chorus and the verse lyrics are also too artificial to me; they don’t make me feel anything other than silly when listening to them. In terms of sound, the music during the verses and bridge gives me big “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish vibes and has a good beat. The chorus is a better example of their alt-pop-meets-classic-rock sound with heavy drums and a louder volume. 


“Feels So Nice”

“Feels So Nice” is my favorite song on Infinitely Ordinary and possibly one of my favorite The Wrecks songs of all time. It also has one of the best lyric videos to match (who doesn’t love neon and retro vibes?). The moment this song starts playing I have the biggest smile on my face and can’t help but dance around the room. I honestly get chills every time I hear this song. “Feels So Nice” is filled with positive energy that transfers to you through the airwaves, and that energy is perfectly paired with an upbeat tempo. The lyrics are clever and touching, and although the chorus is slightly repetitive, it fits well with the laid-back, joyful vibe of the song. I also love the fun guitar run that opens and closes the song. Fun fact: the lyric “feels so nice” does not appear in the song, but the lyrics “feels nice” and “feels so good” do! 


“Out Of Style”

This song starts off with heavy electric guitar before abruptly switching to a low beat for the verse. During the pre-chorus, the music begins to ramp up again before the guitars are showcased again during the chorus. It’s the instrumental break after the chorus that has the best sound, though. This song isn’t one of my favorites as the verses feature the speak-singing again, but overall it’s a lighthearted, upbeat tune good for headbanging and jumping around due to its high energy. My favorite part of the song is when the chorus comes in for the last time at the end of the song, where the music drops out to highlight Nick’s vocals.


“Fvck Somebody”

This song was one of the album’s singles and one of the best songs on the album. While the song itself is about being unhappily stuck in a relationship but not wanting to be the one to pull the plug, it’s also perfect for when you desperately wish you had a reason to get over an ex. Pretty much any form of anger can be channeled through screaming along with the chorus and muttering through the verses of “Fvck Somebody.” I like the juxtaposition of the mellow, unconcerned tone of the verses and the emotionally-charged chorus. While the tempo of the song is actually relatively slow, it still maintains a good pace. The most musically fun section of the song is during the bridge. 



After an entire half of an album of upbeat, heavy songs, a softer tune was bound to come along. I’m pretty neutral about this song overall. I think it had the potential to be great, but the first verse of the song feels empty to me musically and I don’t like the vocal runs following the chorus as I’m not a huge fan of Nick’s falsetto. I think that part takes away from the song. The chorus is better: the music builds in volume and the vocals get deeper and grittier. I do like the dramatic, swelling instrumentation during the chrouses. There’s a lot of emotion in this song but it’s just not a personal favorite. 


“We All Get Lonely”

This song opens with heavy techno-punk guitar and progresses to modulated, futuristic-sounding vocals. It’s a very unique sound that morphs into a slightly more energetic alternative sound during the choruses. It’s a standout on the album because of this distinctive musicality. I’m also pretty neutral to this song as I don’t find it as easy to sing along to as the others on the album, but I appreciate how different it is from the rest of the album and I like TOMI’s feature on the track. 


“This Life I Have”

I would consider “This Life I Have” to be the most punk song on the album. From loud drums and squealing guitars to fast-paced verses with fuzzy vocals, this song has very chaotic energy. This energy is exacerbated by the sudden near silence and slower vocals that punctuate the song. This tune is another song that’s good to listen to if you want to get out some frustration and fling yourself around to the parts with a quicker pace. This style of music is not something I usually listen to or enjoy, but again I respect that The Wrecks included a wide variety of sounds on one short album. I think there’s something for everyone on this album, and this song just isn’t for me. 


“Infinitely Ordinary” 

I would probably say that the title track is my second favorite on the album, coming in behind only “Feels So Nice.” I also tend to get chills while listening to this song. I like how the tune ebbs and flows between the relaxed verses and the powerful choruses. The instrumentation is really beautiful in this song. I think the subtle guitar and piano highlight the softer, sweeter tones of the song while the heavier sounds and prominent drums exemplify the intensity of the emotions presented in the lyrics. The way the music rises and falls throughout the piece is amazing and portrays a lot of emotion even without the lyrics. I think this song is sweet and it makes me smile. It’s not so much a song to dance to as it is a song to sway along to; imagine listening to it laying on the beach looking up at the stars. 


October 2020: “Psycho Killer”

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m not a fan of the original version of “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. It’s not my style of music and I think the song is kind of boring. It’s too slow and I personally don’t like the vocals at all. The Wrecks’ version of “Psycho Killer” is better than the original but still not the best song. I do like Nick’s vocals better and their version feels more upbeat. It also has more highs and lows throughout in terms of volume and emotion. If you like the original, I’m not sure how you’ll feel about this cover, but if you’re like me, then you’ll probably enjoy it. 


December 2020: Static


This song is so catchy. Verses, chorus… I find myself singing it all! “Static” has more of a retro pop vibe. My favorite part of this song musically is right at the beginning after the opening chorus where the beat is jagged and feels like it gets caught before moving on. Nick’s rough vocals are also incredible on this track. My only critique of “Static” is I always wish the choruses were louder than the verses, but the whole song is at the same level and doesn’t rise and fall as well as their other songs. Overall, the song has great energy and it’s fun to sing along to. 


“I Hope It’s Cold In New York”

This track is my favorite on the EP. I love the sound of the guitar that opens the song and continues throughout the track. The bitter confusion and hopeless romanticism expressed in the lyrics are emphasized by Nick’s detached, apathetic vocals. A modern-day ballad, the instrumentation of this song ebbs and flows in perfect unison with the emotional lyrics. The song overall has a mellow vibe but is not particularly slow in terms of pace. This is the perfect song to cry along to on a long, late night car ride. 


“Good For Nothing”

The quiet, soft start to this song and Nick’s sweet intonation almost disguises the true meaning of the lyrics he sings. Soon after this misleading introduction, the song explodes into staticky guitar and concise drum beats. While the verses throughout the song and the bridge do quiet down, they sound nowhere near as charming as the beginning of the song. There is slight fuzziness to the vocals that is reminiscent of recording with old-time microphones, which contrasts the modern punk-rock instrumentation. This is the perfect song to celebrate moving on from an ex with, filled with angry and petty lyrics. 


“Try To Remember” 

If you thought you were finally over that ex while listening to the previous song, maybe think again. This song definitely tugs at the heartstrings. The prominent vocals projecting over the simple piano and humming at the beginning of the song is so striking and beautiful and really allows the story the lyrics tell to shine through. The way that music builds throughout the first chorus to allow for a louder, more emotional second verse is exceptional. The balance of softness and power is lovely in this song, there is a great flow from peaks to valleys in terms of instrumentation and volume throughout the tune. The bridge is so commanding with a sudden switch from a very quiet instrumental to a screaming vocal. I really love this song and think it’s one of The Wrecks’ best compositions. 


January 2021: “Rich Girl”

Unlike “Psycho Killer,” I do like the original “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates. The Wrecks do a great job of injecting their modern, unique sound into this cover while still channeling the old-school vibes of the original. While the original version marries strings and techno beats, The Wrecks combine an alternative sound with horns to modernize the tune. I really like this cover and think that everyone should give it a listen, regardless of your opinions on the original. The song is very laid back and Nick’s vocals really shine. I love the inclusion of the horns, as The Wrecks don’t usually include brass instruments in their music.


March 2021: “I Want My Life Back Now” 

This single is their most recent release and such a good addition to their discography. The guitar riff throughout the song is great and really embodies their sound. There is a nice balance between the softer verses and loud, punchy choruses. The Wrecks are really good at writing lyrics that capture the bittersweet feeling of being angry about a breakup and also wanting the person back, and this song is a perfect example of that. If you’re in need of a good breakup song, for any stage of a breakup, The Wrecks are my go-to. In general I like the vocals and I love the lyrics for this song, but the bridge is a little strange. Overall the energy in this song is immaculate and the instrumentation is really fun. This song makes me excited for future music from them! 


I hope that there were a few songs on this list that piqued your interest and that you may have acquired a new addition to your music library. If you’re interested in listening to The Wrecks, you can find them on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. You can also follow the band on Instagram and Twitter


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