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A Playlist of My Favorite Female Artists

Seeing as it’s International Women’s Month, I thought I’d make a little playlist of some of my favorite songs by some amazing female music artists! It was pretty difficult choosing from these singers’ collections of work, but I was able to choose titles that without fail always make me wanna jam! This playlist ranges from more mellow tunes to full-on bops, so hopefully there’s something for everyone! Support some fabulously talented women, and get listening!

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“Hard Feelings/Loveless” by Lorde

Favorite Lyrics: 

Bet you wanna rip my heart out

Bet you wanna skip my calls now

Well, guess what? I like that

‘Cause I’m gonna mess your life up

Gonna wanna tape my mouth shut

Look out, Lovers


“Never Would Have Made It” by Teyana Taylor

Favorite Lyrics:

When I look back over what he brought me through

I realize I made it because I had you to hold on to

Now I am stronger

Now I am wiser

I am better, so much better

I made it


“21” by Gracie Abrams

Favorite Lyrics:

I see the look in your eye and I’m biting my tongue

You’d be the love of my love when I was young


“All the Ways” by Wet

Favorite Lyrics:

I’m only here with half of me

Can I give you what you need?


“Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish

Favorite Lyrics:

You really know how to make me cry

When you gimme those ocean eyes

I’m scared

I’ve never fallen from quite this high


“Ur” by SZA

Favorite Lyrics:

Superficial, Superwoman

Ain’t you tired of that wind in your face?


“Tyrant” by Kali Uchis

Favorite Lyrics:

The world’s been asking us to lose control

All we ever do is French like Brigitte Bardot (Brigitte Bardot)


“Gemini Feed” by Banks

Favorite Lyrics:

But admit it that you wanted me smaller

If you would have let me grow

You could have kept my love


“Undercover” by Kehlani

Favorite Lyrics:

Baby, they don’t wanna see me be happy

‘Cause they ain’t happy, no


“Number One” by Tove Styrke

Favorite Lyrics:

Praise cool, I’m sorry but there’s no can do

My youth ain’t tangled up in bad decisions

Poor you, you thought you could dictate the rules



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