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The one and only: Alyssa Simari

Name: Alyssa Simmari 

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan 

Year: 2014

When did you start Improv? 

I started Improving when I was thirteen. I went to an Improv summer camp and I loved it so much. 

Why did you join the Unusual Suspects?

I saw a flyer on campus the day before auditions, and I hadnt improved in so long so I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to improv again. Im so glad I did!

You directed JShow, how was that for you? 

It was amazing to direct my own show! It was a little hard to coordinate everything, but it was a lot of fun writing my own show. 

Have you ever been to a live Improv show?

Yes, I did! I went to one in Detriot and it was really fun warching professionals improv so well!

What would you like to do after graduation? 

I would love to go to Toronto and find a place where I can improv and then hopefully go to grad school!

Who is you favorite comedian? 

Amy Poehler. 


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