New York Fashion Week Recap

New York Fashion Week kicked off last week with some incredible womenswear collections for the fall/winter 2017 season. From gleaming gowns to political punches, this week had it all. Let's take a look at some of the shows.



Complete with silk gowns, tasteful bedazzling, and fur coats, Area delivered a stunning collection. The dark reds and blues brought in a sultry feeling, bolstered by the dim mood lighting of the show and the dark eye makeup on the models. Stated simply, the collection was unquestionably sexy.


Public School

Punctuated by red Trump knockoff hats that read “Make America New York” (I’ll leave that up to the reader to interpret), designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne delivered a politically charged collection. It seems that the new administration remains on the brains of all. Nevertheless, Chow and Osborne stayed on brand by delivering their unique style of streetwear. Jackets, both over and under-sized, paraded down the runway slung across the models in unexpected ways. Other looks ran with oversized sweats and layering. The color scheme remained largely dark blue, red, and green, while the white slipper-esque shoes brightened the catwalk.


Victoria Beckham

With a cozy combination of greys, blues, and burgundy, the designer delivered a collection that brought in elements of menswear and workwear, while remaining fresh and elegant. Many looks featured blazers paired with a variety of skirts, as well as several silky gowns. Also present were black leather gloves that reached beyond the elbow, simultaneously evoking class and biker-chic vibes.


Prabal Gurung

Featuring several looks on plus-sized models (yes Prabal Gurung!), the collection was a celebration of beautiful coats, silky gowns, and unexpected colors and patterns, such as yellow and floral. As we’ve seen in other shows this week, burgundy and black were popular colors.

Following the main collection, models strutted out in t-shirts reading feminist messages. Notice the white bandana tied on the above model’s wrist. These bandanas have been popular in a  variety of shows and are a part of Business of Fashion’s Tied Together movement, which is aimed to promote unity and inclusiveness. Keep an eye out for them in the coming shows. Oh, and way to go Prabal Gurung! A stunning collection and push for equality and unity!


Rosie Assoulin

A relatively new designer, Rosie Assoulin delivered a collection of fresh, clean, and beautiful clothing. A mix of bright colors, florals, as well as some neutrals, gave life to a collection of flowing gowns, skirts, and even a few pantsuits. Many of the clothes were accessorised with ruffles, a classic Assoulin touch.


Carolina Herrera

With smooth, mid-calf skirts, tailored shirts, and just a touch of glitz and glam, Carolina Herrera showed a characteristically classy collection. While playing with classics such as button ups, sweaters, and pleated skirts, the looks stayed modern with exquisite details and unique pairings (see the sweater, skirt, and stiletto combo above). As we’ve seen in a few other collections, black, white. grey, burgundy and blue were the main color themes in this collection.


Zac Posen

Over the past fifteen years, Zac Posen has solidified his position as the king of creating gowns that flatter and fit to the female shape. This collections was no exception. In a series of simple, structured dresses, Posen delivered a feminine, elegant collection. Many gowns were reminiscent of Dior’s “New Look”, a shape popularized in the 1950s that nips at the waist and has a full skirt. Note the blues, reds, and florals that have been popular this week.


There’s no doubt that the current political situation has impacted the fashion world, either through direct political references or the Tied Together campaign. In terms of design, the clothes were well structured, somber, yet beautiful and elegant, even a bit hopeful. Perhaps, this too is a response to the way the current political climate makes designers feel. While in New York the politics hit close to home, it will be interesting to see if the political situation has infiltrated the collections abroad as well. Stay tuned for next week’s article covering London Fashion Week!

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